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Division 3.3

Quality, Sustainability, Permeability

Tasks and responsibilities

  • The development, testing and provision of flanking expert support for innovative models, priority subjects and programmes (execution of tasks pursuant to Section 90 (3) No. 1 c of the Vocational Training Act) 
  • Administrative und budget-related support for development programmes and pilot projects 
  • Horizontal analyses and summary assessments - evaluation and transfer
  • Sustainability in vocational education and training and in work

This Section's tasks and core competences are geared to the aim of developing VET practice in innovative ways in respect to pedagogical/didactic matters and to issues revolving around how vocational training processes and associated learning venues and institutions are organized. The legal mandate to assist pilot projects - and, in the future, development and innovation programmes including supporting scientific studies to a greater degree as well - brings the development and testing of future-proof solutions in day-to-day practice together with a practical approach in research. The section's work also encompasses identifying innovative thematic fields in the VET area, generating new programmes and priority subjects, and ensuring the transfer of experience, concepts and findings from VET practice and research.
In this connection, Section 3.3 also conducts ongoing evaluations, performs quality assurance and progressively develops at conceptual level the instrument 'pilot projects' including pilot project working groups, development and innovation programmes and supporting scientific research, evaluation and transfer.


Barbara Hemkes



Dr. Ursula Bylinski

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