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24/ 2010
Bonn, 11.06.2010


Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training receives recognition as a family-friendly institution

The Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) has earned the immediate right to display a quality mark denoting it as a family-friendly institution. The "audit work and family" certificate conferred by the non-profit-making Hertie Foundation was awarded to BIBB at a ceremony held in Berlin today, Friday, by Federal Minister for Family Affairs Dr. Kristina Schröder and the Parliamentary Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology Peter Hinze. The certificate represents recognition of a marked sense of family awareness displayed by institutions and companies in the public sector and within trade and industry. It attests that corporate and management objectives have been appropriately balanced and act to the benefit of all those involved. Approximately 300 other companies, institutions and institutes of higher education which have successfully undergone the auditing process over the past twelve months joined BIBB at the awards ceremony in Berlin.

Professor Dr. Reinhold Weiß, Deputy President of BIBB, emphasised that certification as a family-friendly institution formed part of the pursuit of BIBB's mission statement to improve the quality of its services and processes on a continuing basis. "Following the successful introduction of a quality and environmental management system, the establishment of a work-life balance is something which is of huge significance for BIBB." Professor Weiß went on to explain that the Federal Institute was by no means immune from the consequences of the dramatic reduction in the number of school leavers, the impending shortage of skilled workers and increasingly ageing workforces. "In our capacity as a family-friendly authority we are sending out a clear signal both to the people who work for us now and, of course, to the staff of the future that we are prepared to accept responsibility for social policy and that we are a committed and attractive employer." He stated that demographic change meant that it was vitally important in future for employers to establish and expand a future-oriented and family-aware human resources strategy and to harmonise such an approach with the strategic objectives of the particular company or institution concerned.
BIBB has been offering its staff a range of family-friendly measures for many years. These include a multitude of different working time modules which address the individual needs of employees who may act as parents or carers, for example. BIBB is also one of the first Federal Government bodies to have facilitated large-scale mobile work.

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