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  • 21.12.2011 (56)
     All-important in the world of work: good German language skills
  • 20.12.2011 (55)
    The training opportunities of young migrants: Major variations depending on country of origin
  • 15.12.2011 (54)
    Situation in the apprenticeship-place market in 2011 - Rising supply of training places - more unfilled apprenticeships - many young people still seeking placements
  • 12.12.2011 (53)
    President of BIBB: 'Vocational Orientation Programme is a complete success!'
  • 06.12.2011 (52)
    More and more companies offering places on dual courses of study
  • 02.12.2011 (51)
    How training occupations are developed
  • 01.12.2011 (50)
    German Qualifications Framework: BIBB Board calls upon the Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs to rethink
  • 24.11.2011 (49)
    New advanced training for a branch of the future: certified senior clerk for healthcare and social services
  • 02.11.2011 (48)
    Few prospects for the recognized occupation Motor Vehicle Service Mechanic
  • 19.10.2011 (47)
    Successful model: Advanced training for the occupation Metal-Working Foreman proves itself in practice
  • 14.10.2011 (46)
    Award: BIBB's President Esser receives WHKT Golden Badge of Honour
  • 10.10.2011 (45)
     Passed! First-time pass rate for final examinations exceeds 90%
  • 20.09.2011 (44)
    Conclusion of the 6th BIBB Vocational Education and Training Congress in Berlin
  • 20.09.2011 (43)
    Hermann Schmidt Prize 2011:Prizes awarded to four projects providing outstanding models for the securing of future skilled workers
  • 19.09.2011 (42)
    Opening of the 6th BIBB Vocational Education and Training Congress in Berlin
  • 19.09.2011 (41)
    Education Minister Schavan and BIBB's President Esser see positive trend on the training place market.
  • 31.08.2011 (40)
    BIBB new co-editor of the 'Internationales Handbuch der Berufsbildung'
  • 23.08.2011 (39)
    BIBB Research Data Centre receives a positive evaluation from experts - user oriented service will be expanded further
  • 29.07.2011 (38)
    Training place market - Sharp decline in the number of youths in the 'transition system'
  • 28.07.2011 (37)
    From the drawing board to the CAD world - Launch of vocational training for new occupations in the technical design field
  • 27.07.2011 (36)
    Always with an eye to the customer: Vocational training updated for the occupation Optician
  • 21.07.2011 (35)
    BIBB's President Esser: 'Initial and advanced vocational training offer an attractive alternative to university studies'
  • 12.07.2011 (34)
    Win with continuing vocational education and training - Enter the competition for the 2012 WIP award today!
  • 08.07.2011 (33)
    Vocational training for disabled persons: Recommendations issued by BIBB Board set new standards
  • 29.06.2011 (32)
    BIBB Board recommends assigning university entrance qualification to Level 4 of the German Qualifications Framework (GQF)
  • 22.06.2011 (31)
    BIBB to fund new pilot projects for quality development of company-based vocational education and training
  • 20.06.2011 (30)
    BIBB Board adopts guidelines for improving the transition from school to work
  • 16.06.2011 (29)
    BIBB intensifies cooperation with China in the vocational education and training field
  • 09.06.2011 (28)
    A new look for the BIBB portals on VET support for disadvantaged young people and the transition from school to work
  • 06.06.2011 (27)
    President Esser -BIBB is making a sizable contribution to the reform of India's vocational education and training system -
  • 26.05.2011 (26)
    Five in one swoop: New media occupations for a digitised working world
  • 23.05.2011 (25)
    BIBB President Esser: 'Structuring transitions in a more effective way - professionalising and networking skilled workers'
  • 18.05.2011 (24)
    16 new occupations to be launched - 'Tap the potential of all young people' -BIBB marks Training Place Day
  • 12.05.2011 (23)
    President Esser: 'BIBB congress will set new directions for vocational education and training in Germany'
  • 11.05.2011 (22)
    'Youngsters' may run faster but older people know shortcuts - BIBB presents new concepts for the employment of older persons
  • 05.05.2011 (21)
    Textile crafts between tradition und innovation
  • 02.05.2011 (20)
    Professor Dr Friedrich Hubert Esser new president of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training
  • 27.04.2011 (19)
    Youths with an immigrant background - Equally good when starting conditions are the same
  • 21.04.2011 (18)
    BIBB and the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences strengthen cooperation
  • 20.04.2011 (17)
    Creativity and technical skill are characteristic of media designers for flexography
  • 14.04.2011 (16)
    BIBB Signs Cooperation Agreement with Columbia - BIBB President Kremer at Education and Training Meeting with President Santos in Berlin:
  • 13.04.2011 (15)
    Choosing an occupation: Practical experience and the internet play the most important role for young men and women
  • 06.04.2011 (14)
    BIBB President Kremer believes 'training opportunities for young people will continue to improve' - 2011 Data Report on the development of vocational education and training published
  • 17.03.2011 (13)
    Holidays on Mallorca - Business trips in Frankfurt: Training for tourism agents updated
  • 16.03.2011 (12)
    BIBB Board adopts resolutions on the German Qualifications Framework (GQF) and the European Taxonomy of Skills, Competences and Occupations (ESCO)
  • 11.03.2011 (11)
    Report on Vocational Education and Training for the Year 2011: BIBB Board issues opinion on the government's draft
  • 04.03.2011 (10)
    Women underrepresented in 'dual' vocational training
  • 01.03.2011 (09)
    BIBB-funded centre of excellence for electrical engineering launches the 'e-Villa'
  • 24.02.2011 (08)
    Minister President Mappus and BIBB President Kremer award the 'WIP 2011' to six prizewinners
  • 22.02.2011 (07)
    Youths who are embarking on a career today: Prepared better - prepared differently for the future? New BIBB publication with reports from the youth research and education research fields
  • 17.02.2011 (06)
    Wettbewerb um 'Hermann-Schmidt-Preis 2011' gestartet: Fachkräftenachwuchs durch duale Berufsausbildung sichern
  • 10.02.2011 (05)
    Dual courses of study gaining favour.
  • 02.02.2011 (04)
    From classical literature to modern e-commerce: bookseller training updated
  • 20.01.2011 (03)
    Prime Minister Mappus and BIBB President Kremer to award the 2011 'Prize for Innovation in Continuing Education and Training'
  • 13.01.2011 (02)
    Results of an Experts Survey by the BIBB and the Bertelsmann Foundation: System of Transition between School and Vocational Training in Urgent Need of Reform
  • 05.01.2011 (01)
    Training allowances based on collective wage agreements 2010: significantly lower increase than in the previous year


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