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Brief report on the Board Meeting held on 24 March 2023

Vollmer, Thomas

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Profile of an occupation – hotel management clerk

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Virtual product development in the clothing and fashion industry – a requirement for a training occupation?

Reuter, Christiane

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Operating across sectors – personal – practical. Training marketing in rural areas

Experiences from the BANG StarterCenter in Delbrück

Kamann, Markus ; Göke, Beate

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The dual training system in urban and rural areas

Schmidt, Robyn

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Work experience placements as a success factor in terms of realising the transition to vocational education and training

Hochmuth, Melanie

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Supporting immigrant parents in vocational orientation

A new format from Hamburg introduces multilingual digital events

Dorn, Susanne ; Rogacka-Michels, Katarzyna

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Youth between upheaval and stagnation

Encouraging young people to assume responsibility for their employment biography at the transition from school to work

Neises, Frank ; Weiß, Ulrich

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“Mission ICH” – implementation of a holistic approach towards vocational orientation at schools in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Kalisch, Claudia ; Pilz, Lisa-Marie ; Prill, Tobias

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Reflection reinforces the effectiveness of analyses of potential

Results of the Intervention Study (ISPA)

Kunert, Carolin ; Sommer, Jörn

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