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BIBB REPORT 3/2014 - Companies seeking training-place applicants: Instruments and strategies
Ebbinghaus, Margit; Gerhards, Christian

Findings from the BIBB Training Panel 2013

Reihe BIBB Report
Erschienen 2014
BIBB REPORT 2/2014 - Occupational success?
Hall, Anja; Krekel, Elisabeth M.

A comparison of dual and school-based training courses

Reihe BIBB Report
Erschienen 2014
BIBB REPORT 1/2014 - Work until the end or retire early?
Zybell, Uta
Reihe BIBB Report
Erschienen 2014
BIBB REPORT 23/14 - Shortages in the medium qualifications area despite increased immigration
Maier, Tobias; Zika, Gerd; Wolter, Marc Ingo; Kalinowski, Michael; Helmrich, Robert

Latest results from BIBB and Institute for Employment Research (IAB) qualifications and occupational field projections up until the year 2030 taking wage developments and occupational flexibility into account

Reihe BIBB Report
Erschienen 2014
Crediting, recognition and transfer of learning outcomes between European target stipulations and national System conditions
Eberhardt, Christiane

Heft-Nr. 146

Reihe Wissenschaftliche Diskussionspapiere
Erschienen 2013
Participation in vocational education and training
Dionisius, Regina; Lissek, Nicole; Schier, Friedel

A summary of indicators and rates; Heft-Nr. 143

Reihe Wissenschaftliche Diskussionspapiere
Erschienen 2013
Improving and promoting VET
Kissling, Hans-Joachim

BIBB and its Global Network of Partners

Reihe Informationen aus dem BIBB
Erschienen 2013
Developing Skills for Employability with German Partners

8 Success Stories from the USA

Reihe iMOVE-Publikationen
Erschienen 2013
Second-chance vocational qualification for two million young adults without vocational certificates
Troltsch, Klaus

How much willingness is there in enterprises?

Reihe Fachbeiträge im Internet
Erschienen 2013
BIBB Supplemental Task Survey to the Employment Survey 2012
Alda, Holger; Rohrbach-Schmidt, Daniela; Tiemann, Michael

BIBB-FDZ Data and Methodological Reports No. 4/2013; Version 2.1

Reihe BIBB-FDZ - Daten- und Methodenberichte
Erschienen 2013