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Training place market still very tight

Fewer applicants find a training place than last year

Training place market still very tight
AutorInnen: Ulrich, Joachim Gerd; Krekel, Elisabeth M.; Flemming, Simone
Reihe Fachbeiträge im Internet
Erschienen 2005
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As in the past several years, the 0 currently preliminary 0 statistics issued by the Federal Employment Agency's Vocational Guidance services draw a mixed picture for the 2004/2005 placement year. On the positive side, the number of training place applicants in Germany's eastern states who had not been placed as of 30 September has declined. At national level, 40,900 applicants were still unplaced as of 30 September, 3,200 fewer than in 2004. The number of unplaced applicants fell although the total number of registered applicants grew by 4,600 to 740,700.