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Methods and instruments for the evaluation and monitoring of VET- systems

Conference proceedings; Heft-Nr. 119

Methods and instruments for the evaluation and monitoring of VET- systems
AutorInnen: Hoppe, Melanie; Grollmann, Philipp
ISBN 978-3-88555-888-0
URN urn:nbn:de: 0035-0432-9
Reihe Wissenschaftliche Diskussionspapiere
Erschienen 2010

There is a high demand for methods and instruments that assist VET experts in taking stock of the state of VET systems for recommending appropriate measures to policy makers in order to face current challenges. The existing methods and instruments can be applied for a systems’ overview, in order to recognise strengths and weaknesses as well as to identify possible areas for system development and improvement. This paper gathers the contributions from a workshop has been conducted in December 2009 in Königswinter by BIBB, bringing together experts from international and national organisations that develop, apply or use such tools. During this workshop, an overview has been provided of existing approaches. Experience with their application as instruments for analysing and supporting policy and practice has been shared. Topics were discusses from three perspectives: System evaluation, Indicators & benchmarks, Peer review and peer learning.

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