BILT workshop on Entrepreneurship in TVET

The third of five thematic workshops within the BILT project was strongly connected to number 4 of the SDGs: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education. This goal includes skills for employment, decent jobs and, most importantly for this BILT workshop, entrepreneurship. The Basque UNEVOC centre TKNIKA hosted a corresponding thematic workshop from 30-31 October 2019 in San Sebastian/Spain. Experts from various European countries presented and analyzed innovative practices in Entrepreneurship.

BILT workshop on Entrepreneurship in TVET

Sharing experiences and innovative ideas on mainstreaming Entrepreneurship in TVET, discussing innovative pedagogical models and addressing the challenge of preparing and supporting teachers in this endeavor were at the core of this expert’s workshop. In total, nine institutions from eight European countries presented project and programme examples within three key issues. Further information concerning the examples can be found in the workshop summary reports (see download section).

Key Issue 1: Mainstreaming Entrepreneurship in the TVET ecosystem

  • The entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Basque TVET context, TKNIKA, Basque Country, Spain
  • School entrepreneurship model, COMETA, Italy
  • Youth start entrepreneurial challenges, BMBWF, Austria

Key Issue 2: Introducing Innovative pedagogical models

  • FabLabs, OsloMet, Norway
  • Founder’s hub, CBC, Denmark
  • The power of role models, NCTVETD, Romania

Key Issue 3: Preparing and supporting teachers

  • Entrepreneurship education training program for VET teachers, Foundation Innove, Estonia
  • Ikasenpresa, TKNIKA, Spain
  • Online tool for teachers, KPMPC, Lithuania

About the project

The workshop on Entrepreneurship in TVET was the third of five within the BILT project, which will focus on the thematic areas of Greening, Digitalization/Industry 4.0, Entrepreneurship, Migration, and New Qualifications and Competencies. The BILT project aims to facilitate the exchange of experiences and peer learning across the European UNEVOC Network within these thematic work streams.

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