Introductory training placement

The BIBB offers school leavers who have failed to secure a training place the opportunity to complete an introductory training placement. Further information is available from the Federal Employment Agency.

Ms Siebertz (Tel.: +49 228 107-1603) and Ms Gäb (Tel.: +49 228 107-1365) will be happy to answer any questions directed at the BIBB.

During my introductory training placement in the area of specialists in office communication, I am working in the Office of the BIBB Equality Representative.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a training place after leaving school. The introductory training placement allows me to make sensible use of the period of 12 months between the end of school and the possible start of training in the year following. The introductory training placement is funded by the Federal Employment Agency, although I have actually concluded a contract with BIBB.

In the Office of the Equality Representative, I am undergoing preparation for a training occupation. In my case, this will be ‘specialist in office communication’. Because the practical placement is aligned towards the first-year training plan for specialist in office communication, this time may be credited to me when I begin training next year. According to the Federal Act on Gender Equality (BGleiG), the Equality Representative at BIBB needs to be a woman and be elected by the female members of staff at the institute. Although it might seem slightly strange that I am working there, I actually really enjoy it. After two months of my placement, I can say that my favourite task is dealing with the incoming and outgoing mail. The office deals with a wide range of topics. These include the design and content of the Intranet site, the work-life balance, job application patterns and taking female-specific requirements into account in the field of company health management.”

Josef Gördten (Intern)

An introductory training placement at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training enabled me to realise my dream of training as an information technology specialist in systems integration.

After I had dropped out of training in the occupation of baker due to personal reasons, I began to look around for a new opportunity. Because I had been interested in information technology since my childhood, I did some research into the various types of training available. I could not go straight into training in the field of IT because I did not have the right schooling requirements. I therefore asked the Federal Employment Agency about possible internships with a view to obtaining a training place in IT. This was where I learned about the introductory training placement. When I was in Year 7 at school, I had already completed a work experience placement at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Department Z5 (Information Technology). So I asked them if I could do my introductory training placement there.

I started the internship in 2009 and moved into training proper in 2010. I am now in my second year of training and expect to qualify in 2013.

The introductory training placement provided me with the best possible preparation for training, and I was also able to attend vocational school. As well as learning about the basic principles of information technology, I was also assigned a specialist trainer who gave me an insight into the complex world of IT.”

Kevin Dreifke (Information technology specialist in systems integration)