Press releases 2020

38/2020 | 04.11.2020

Strengthening and connecting VET research in Europe

At a virtual conference hosted by BIBB, representatives of national vocational education and training institutes and research facilities from 14 European countries spoke out in favour of further developing and strengthening VET research in Europe.

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23/2020 | 09.06.2020

BIBB Portal “Recognition in Germany” expands online presence

The BIBB run portal of the German Federal Government for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications presents itself with new content, a new structure and a new design. There are now dedicated sections for international skilled workers, counsellors, and employers.

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04/2020 | 30.01.2020

Gaining experience abroad via the Erasmus+ programme

In order to learn and work abroad, more and more teachers and trainees from companies and vocational schools complete a stay in a European partner institution. An analysis by NA at BIBB shows how the number of stays abroad that counted towards vocational qualification has developed.

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03/2020 | 29.01.2020

More money in trainees’ pockets

In 2019, training allowances based on collective wage agreements increased across Germany by an average of 3.8% to €939 gross per month. The rise in allowances was thus similar to that recorded in 2018 (3.7%).

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02/2020 | 09.01.2020

Maintaining the cultural heritage of the craft trades

There is a growing sense of awareness in Germany of the cultural heritage of the craft trades. Therefore, nationally standardised advanced training regulations for the qualification of “Certified restorer in the craft trades” in 19 different trades are introduced for the first time.

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01/2020 | 08.01.2020

“Career Orientation for Refugees” programme to continue

As of now, inter-company training centres and comparable organisations are able to submit new applications to the BIBB within the scope of the “Career Orientation for Refugees” Programme. BOF courses may be implemented until the end of 2021.

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