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Legal framework conditions

The training market is now facing new and exceptional challenges in light of current developments in the area of refugee policy. Whether refugees are permitted to undertake education and training in Germany, and the conditions under which this should take place, largely depend on the status of refugees as either asylum seeking, recognised or tolerated.

At present, persons seeking asylum are not permitted to begin any company-based vocational training in the first three months (so-called waiting period). In contrast to this, school-based voca-tional training is possible and does not require approval of the relevant immigration authority.

Refugees who are tolerated and do not come from a safe country of origin or are recognised and have a residence permit, are basically not subject to any restrictions.

In the topic area of “Work, Education and Training”, the Federal Employment Agency has published the brochure “Potential benefits - employment of refugees” - last updated in August 2015 - which contains further useful information.

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees also provides addition information on access to work and vocational education and training for refugees at www.bamf.de.