Strategic Office "Online Communications and Knowledge Management"

The BIBB Internet site is one of the most comprehensive collections of information on vocational education and training in Germany. The service is made available to its target groups in VET research, VET practice and VET policy making across more than 60 topic pages with numerous specialist portals and databases.

The office is responsible for the technical and editorial management and further development of the central platform www.bibb.de and provides the overarching infrastructure for BIBB's online services. Among the whole range of Internet services provided are also the BIBB’s social media activities on Twitter and Youtube that gained importance in recent years. Furthermore, the office coordinates the continuous development of the Internet services.

Additionally, the services provided by the office include managing the D 115 central public authorities telephone number, coordination (forwarding of and/or responding to) specialist enquiries from policy makers and government and the language service.

Last but not least, the office is responsible for questions regarding internal knowledge management and manages the BIBB Intranet in this respect.


Ute Zander




Phone: +49 228 107-1308 Contact

Bernd Kuehn




Phone: +49 228 107-1323 Contact

Team Editorial and Strategic Communication

Contact: Ute Zander, phone: +49 228 207-1308 

Team www.bibb.de: Conception, Development and Content Management

Contact: Dr. Uta Roth, phone: +49 228 107-1781

Team Web Infrastructure and Special Portals, Internal Communication

Contact: Bernd Kuehn, phone: +49 228 107-1323

Coordination of Enquiries

Contact: Sonja Börgmann, phone: +49 228 107-1541

Language Service

Contact: Gisela Batzel, phone: +49 228 107-2019