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    Jobs and career at BIBB

    BIBB is always seeking highly qualified and motivated employees who wish to use their know-how to tackle varied and challenging tasks.

BIBB offers degree-level entry as an academic researcher or administrator as well as a wide range of opportunities for those who have completed vocational education and training. Students or school pupils are able to further their training by completing an internship at BIBB. Permeability between various activities and training pathways is something which BIBB practises on a daily basis, not merely an object of research.

The institute advertises job vacancies on its website on a regular basis throughout the year.

New articles

"BIBB-INFO" published in English for the first time

Friday, October 7, 2016

"BIBB-INFO" published in English for the first time

The compact brochure with a short description of the institute is now available in English. It gives you an initial overview of the work done at the BIBB, relevant topics and the institute's organisation. Furthermore, useful links to additonal information and services are included.

Young person from Syria begins placement year at the BIBB

Friday, September 23, 2016

Young person from Syria begins placement year at the BIBB

The BIBB seeks to provide support for the integration of refugees in the employment market. Since August of this year, Mohammed Hannan - a refugee from Syria - has been completing an introductory training within the Institute as preparation for vocational education and training.