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Staff development

The BIBB provides its employees with a broad range of advanced training activities and opportunities for personal development. The Institute regards all these courses as its specific contribution to life-long learning.

The advanced training provision is annually adapted to meet current requirements and is published as an advanced training programme. The advanced training on offer is divided into internal provision across the organisation, e.g. courses on empirical social research, international consultancy training, public speaking and IT training as well as internal courses which are specific to the department. Courses from the Federal Academy of Public Administration (BAköV) and the Federal Office of Languages are also available as well as individual external training activities where required. An internal management workshop exists for BIBB managers based on the agreed management principles. This seeks to promote a common management culture as well as interdepartmental cooperation besides broadening competencies in the areas of management. Additional courses for staff development include individual coaching for skilled workers and management, team development activities and professional development training. In some cases, selected employees are also supported on a part-time degree.

Aida Mansour Al Masri

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