Hands-on experience of integration

Young person from Syria begins placement year at the BIBB

The BIBB seeks to provide support for the integration of refugees in the employment market. Since August of this year, Mohammed Hannan - a refugee from Syria - has been completing an introductory training within the Institute as preparation for vocational education and training.

Hands-on experience of integration

Mohammed Hannan studied technical drawing in Aleppo. Then the war came. He fled via Turkey to Germany. The 25 year old has been attending the introductory training at the BIBB since the end of August 2016. Over the course of one year he is learning about the occupation of information technology specialist for system integration. The aim following this is to accept him onto a regular training position.

Mohammed Hannan would also have liked to have studied information technology in Syria, however the registration criteria there are very demanding. He did not achieve sufficiently high grades for this on his higher school leaving certificate. When he was then offered the chance to complete the introductory training for the training occupation of information technology specialist for system integration in Germany, he seized the opportunity. “Mr Hannan really blew us away in the interview,” recalls Stefanie Gaeb, who is part of training management at the BIBB. “His responses to our questions and his German language skills were so good that we accepted him that very same day.” On Mondays and Tuesdays Mohammad Hannan is now attending the vocational school Heinrich-Hertz-Europakolleg in Bonn along with the other trainees. He is at the BIBB on the other days. He had already attended a German course in Aleppo. In Germany, he waited 10 months for his asylum application to be recognised and then he was also able to complete another German course here.

“I like the working atmosphere in the BIBB,” said Mohammed Hannan. “And the punctuality. Germany is certainly known for this abroad and it's true. Everybody is on time here.” Following the training he would really like to study information technology in Germany. “Unfortunately I am not able to live in my native country at the moment,” he said.

The BIBB training management have been committed to addressing the topic of migration and refugees for a number of years. The BIBB has been a signatory of the Diversity Charter since 2007 and promotes cultural diversity among its employees. The BIBB also participates in a working group which consists of a number of education and training authorities from the Bonn area and which addresses the theme of “Integration of refugees in training and work placements”. “We really wanted to help young refugees and began by finding out how to best implement this,” said Stefanie Gaeb. We kept coming back to the introductory qualification model because this gives the placement student time to become familiar with the processes before the actual training starts. “However the implementation of this measure would certainly not be possible without the commitment of the area of employment where the training is being carried out,” emphasized Stefanie Gaeb.

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