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VET Data Report Germany

Facts and Analyses acompanying the Federal Report on Vocational Education and Training

BIBB GOVET / VET in Germany

Data and statistics. What are the developments and trends emerging in VET?
What are the challenges VET focuses in Germany? Here we provide data
collections and statistical analyses. read more ...

BIBB GOVET / Presentations on the German VET system

Dual VET: Costs and benefits aspects. Why should companies invest in
apprenticeships? How much does it cost to train? How do companies profit from
their trainees? You can find answers in the GOVET presentation on Costs and
benefits aspects in Dual VET. read more. Logo: Gefördert durch die
Bundesregierung ...

The Vocational Orientation Programme

Berufsorientierungsprogramm des BMBF / ANNEGRET HULTSCH Photography.
With this thought in mind, in 2008 the Federal Ministry of Education and
Research (BMBF) launched a programme entitled "Supporting vocational
orientation in inter-company vocational training centres and comparable VET
centres" (BOP), ...

BIBB GOVET / Dual VET standards

The provided translations are standards used for VET in the Dual VET system of
Germany. The standards are “dual” in the sense that there is for each occupation,
on the one hand, a standard for the provision of in-company VET defined in so-
called training regulations and, on the other hand, a standard for school-based ...

Building knowledge on international cooperation in VET

Written by Stephanie Oberheidt, Laura. Eid, Daniela Ulicna, Hanne Shapiro and.
Karin Luomi-Messerer. February 2015. Building knowledge on international
cooperation in. VET. Final report ...

Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB ...

Financing of VET at a glance. Why should companies invest in apprenticeships?
How much does it cost to train? How do companies profit from their trainees? You
can find answers in the GOVET presentation on costs and benefits aspects in
dual VET. read more ...

BIBB / BIBB-Conference: The Economics of VET

Although the research field of the economics of VET has received an increasing
amount of attention over the past years, many essential questions about the
effectiveness and efficiency of VET remain an open issue of discussion.
Therefore, BIBB organized a conference to bring together researchers from all
fields of ...

BIBB GOVET / Dual VET in Germany

The presentation provides an overview of the advantages the dual system offers.
The presentation is designed for people not familiar with the German VET system
, so that the complexity of the system has purposely been less represented. It
serves as an introduction to the subject and aims to awaken interest in
deepening ...

BIBB GOVET / The German VET System

GOVET Presentations on the German VET system. Here you can find
presentations on Dual VET in Germany and the stakeholders of the German VET
system. more ...

DEQA-VET: Qualitätssicherung der Berufsbildung

Im Zuge der Gründung des Netzwerkes ENQA-VET, die 2005 unter Mitwirkung
eines Großteils der Mitgliedstaaten erfolgte [und 2010 durch das Netzwerk
EQAVET abgelöst wurde](1), entstand auch die Deutsche Referenzstelle für
Qualitätssicherung in der beruflichen Bildung (DEQA-VET). Diese wurde im
August 2008 ...