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Modern, more up-to-date and even more user friendly

New BIBB Internet presence

42/2014 | Bonn, 18.09.2014

Modern, more up-to-date and even more user friendly

On the occasion of the BIBB Congress in Berlin, the President of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), Friedrich Hubert Esser, took the opportunity to present the new BIBB website to more than 800 participants attending the event from home and abroad. “Our new Internet presence will enable us to process and convey our data, analyses and information in an even more concentrated and effective way. This will enable us to sharpen our profile as a centre of excellence for vocational education and training that operates both at home and internationally and provides an appropriate platform for communication between academic research, policy and practice.”

The major new features of the website include the following.

  • The multifarious, complex and interdisciplinary topics tackled by BIBB and the research results and services delivered by the institute are more clearly structured and arranged. This ensures greater accessibility and visibility.
  • The website has been specially adapted to facilitate the use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.
  • Social media functions have been integrated.
  • The English-language section of the site has been expanded and more closely aligned to the information requirements of international target groups.

The relaunch represents a further milestone for BIBB in the implementation of effective VET knowledge management. www.bibb.de is now the leading expert portal for vocational education and training in Germany. Including the specialist and project portals operated by BIBB, around 445,000 pages and documents are currently available.

A new main navigation structure helps users access the topic level more easily. The homepage offers the respective target groups enhanced entry portals to the main thematic focuses of “Occupations”, “Practice and programmes”, “Research” and “International vocational education and training”.

More information is available at www.bibb.de.

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