Press release

BIBB Board adopts recommendation on part-time initial vocational training

27/2008 | Bonn, 02.07.2008

At its meeting held in Bonn on 27 June 2008, the Board of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) unanimously adopted an updated recommendation on extending or reducing training time. It also included "part-time initial vocational training" for the first time. In this new form of initial vocational training, the amount of time spent undergoing training each day or week can be reduced, giving single parents and young parents a chance to better balance the demands of vocational training and family. The resolution also included recommendations regarding early admission to the final examination or journeyman's examination. In connection with part-time initial vocational training, the BIBB Board appealed to the responsible parties to establish the requisite support conditions and underlying conditions for this "socio-politically desirable form of organizing vocational training". This particularly applies to "the organizational preparations for part-time training, ensuring childcare, providing compatible vocational school offerings and flanking, supporting supervision". When revising the Vocational Training Act in 2005, Germany's lawmakers enshrined part-time initial vocational training in the law as well. The Board's updated recommendation takes into account not only the positive experience that enterprises, relevant bodies, ministries, labour authorities and social authorities have gathered in the meantime, it also reflects a similar vote taken by the Federal Government-Länder Committee in September 2007 Under German law, the BIBB Board has the task of advising the German government on fundamental issues involving vocational education and training. Representation on the Board of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training is equally divided between labour, management, Germany's federal states and the federal government.
The full German text of the BIBB Board's recommendation "On the Shortening or Lengthening of Training Time and on Part-time Initial Vocational Training and Early Admission to Final Examinations"