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BIBB Board recommends the standardisation of examination requirements in training regulations

02/2007 | Bonn, 09.01.2007

At its last meeting in Berlin, the Board of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) unanimously passed a recommendation for the standardisation of examination requirements in training regulations. The new recommendation, which is based on a joint understanding of examination requirements on the part of all those involved in the Board, has been rendered necessary by the 2005 amendment to the Vocational Training Act (BBiG), replacing an old regulation dating from the year 1980. All dual training occupations which are updated or modernised in future will be affected. The recommendation stipulates new regulations in such areas as examination times, the Board having departed from the existing regulation by recommending the introduction of fixed examination times rather than laying down maximum limits.

A further element of the recommendation is a standardised catalogue of examination instruments which may be used in future for interim and final examinations as well as for the new, alternative "extended final examination" form. New examination instruments such as the "situational specialist oral examination", the "company order" or the "work related task" were defined in a uniform way, descriptions of how they are to be deployed and evaluated being provided.

The recommendation also sees an end to the division of the final examinations into skills and knowledge examinations. In future, examinations will focus on the respective occupational employability skills rather than on individual learning objectives. The consequence of this will be that there will no longer be any fixed stipulations relating to the organisation of examinations for certain occupational groups, such as commercial or technical trade occupations.
The statutory function of the BIBB Board is to advise the Federal Government in all matters of principle relating to vocational education and training. It has equal representation of employers, employees, the federal states and the Federal Government.

The text of the recommendation of the BIBB Board (including annex) in respect of the standardisation of examination requirements in training regulations:

Recommendation for the regulation of examination requirements in training regulations