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Current Press Releases

Media representatives will find the latest press releases of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB). In our archive press releases of recent years (since 2002) are also available.

April 2019


15/2019 | 30/04/2019

Who will save work? – BIBB and GOVET at „re:publica“ in Berlin

BIBB and GOVET will be presenting innovative approaches and successful practical examples in VET at the “re:publica” Conference in Berlin from 6 to 8 May.


14/2019 | 12/04/2019

BIBB and CÉREQ renew cooperation agreement

BIBB and its French partner institute CÉREQ have concluded a new cooperation agreement. In light of growing global challenges, BIBB and CÉREQ will pool their expertise via such vehicles as joint comparative and cross-border research projects.

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12/2019 | 10/04/2019

BIBB Data Report to accompany the 2019 Report on VET is published

Demand for training places by young people and young adults and the number of training places offered by companies both rose once again in 2018. Nevertheless, recruitment problems on the training market exacerbated further. These are the main outcomes of the 2019 BIBB Data Report.

March 2019

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11/2019 | 25/03/2019

Why occupations are not chosen

Even if an occupation reflects the activities in which they are interested, many young people will still tend to drop it during the career choice process if insufficient social recognition appears to be on offer. This is the main outcome to emerge from a study conducted by the BIBB.

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10/2019 | 13/03/2019

BIBB publishes its 2018 ranking list for training occupations

Impressive start: Around 1,300 training contracts have been concluded in 2018 in the new training occupation of “management assistant in e-commerce”. With just over 15,000 new contracts the occupation of information technology specialist made it position 7 in the Top 10.

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09/2019 | 06/03/2019

New training regulations for organ makers

Each organ is an individual piece. The building of organs is a craft with a long tradition. But also here, above all technical and electronic innovations took place. The new training regulation with the specialisms of organ building and pipe making enters into force on 1 August 2019.

February 2019

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07/2019 | 19/02/2019

Occupational advancement with VET—men at a clear advantage

Around eleven percent of skilled workers in Germany who have completed dual VET carry out higher level tasks for which a higher qualification is typically required. Men have a clear advantage over women, as the new issue of BIBB REPORT shows.

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06/2019 | 14/02/2019

New BIBB specialist information service

The BIBB is robustly pursuing its Open Access Policy by continuing to expand academic research services in the field of vocational education and training and VET research. BIBB has made a “VET Repository” available online with immediate effect.

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05/2019 | 13/02/2019

Upper secondary certificate, and then what?

In light of the rising numbers of higher education students, the BIBB has conducted a study into which pupils are more likely to commence a programme of vocational education and training despite being having a higher education entrance qualification.

German Ambassador Michael Klor-Berchtold, BIBB President Professor Dr. Friedrich Hubert Esser, TVTO President Dr. Soleiman Pakseresht© iMOVE/BIBB

04/2019 | 12/02/2019

Vocational education and training cooperation with Iran

The BIBB will advise Iran on its planned VET reforms. At a workshop in Teheran which BIBB helped to organise, Germany and Iran signed a Memorandum of Understanding on future vocational education and training cooperation between the two countries.

January 2019

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03/2019 | 30/01/2019

BIBB evaluation of professional and occupational recognition

An investigation conducted by the BIBB shows that recognition of applications submitted from abroad is already working well. The stakeholders involved, however, believe that there is still room for improvement.

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01/2019 | 09/01/2019

Development of training allowances in 2018: Higher increases again

In 2018, training allowances based on collective wage agreements increased across Germany by an average of 3.7%. The increase was thus stronger than in 2017 (2.6%). Throughout Germany, the average training allowance was €908 gross per month. This is shown by a BIBB analysis.

December 2018

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52/2018 | 12/12/2018

BIBB analysis of the training market development in 2018

More company-based training places on offer, more newly concluded training contracts, but also more unfilled training positions as well as an increase of men and decrease of women applying for trining positions – the are the results of the BIBB analysis of the training market development in 2018.

November 2018

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51/2018 | 27/11/2018

More refugees in dual VET – Skilled trades report significant growth

There has been a sharp rise in the number of foreign trainees who are citizens of one of the most common non-European asylum countries of origin. Significant growth has been reported by the skilled trades. These are the findings from a special analysis by BIBB.

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50/2018 | 20/11/2018

The 2035 labour market: Population growth with low unemployment

An increase in the population, hostorically low unemployment and shortages of skilled workers in specific occupations – especially in health care occupations – will characterise the labour market in Germany in 2035. This is shown by current projections by BIBB and IAB.

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49/2018 | 15/11/2018

BIBB study on young people with a migration background

The third generation of young people with a migration background are just as successful in the search for a training position as young people without a migration background. The results are presented in the latest issue of the BIBB REPORT series.

October 2018

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48/2018 | 18/10/2018

Social environment: a critical factor in the career choice of young people

If the choice of occupation will not positively impact their status in their social environment, young people tend to stay away from the occupation concerned, even if they would have enjoyed the work it entails.

September 2018

GOVET/ Schlich

45/2018 | 26/09/2018

Russian hairdressers show that they can cut it – GOVET supports VET cooperation

Russian hairdressing apprentices completed a German final examination for the first time. GOVET at BIBB and the German National Association of Hairdressers support the German-Russian cooperation that has the aim of assuring quality in vocational education and training in Russia.

August 2018

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43/2018 | 16/08/2018

Trainees abroad – Analyses on mobility in dual training occupations

Vocational education and training across borders: In the latest issue of its specialist journal "BWP" with a special focus on international mobility, the BIBB carries out a more detailed investigation of how many trainees in which occupations avail themselves of the opportunity to train abroad.

July 2018

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42/2018 | 31/07/2018

BIBB presents study on minimum training remuneration from the perspective of companies

The BIBB has used a data-based simulation to investigate the issue of which businesses would be affected by a minimum training remuneration and how high the anticipated cost increase might be for companies. Result: Small businesses face particular challenges.

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41/2018 | 26/07/2018

New training year begins with 25 updated occupations on 1 August

The new training year officially gets underway on 1 August. It will also feature no fewer than 25 re-regulated occupations, including the entirely new option of “management assistant in e-commerce”. BIBB President Esser: “Pace of adaptation is increasing because of digitalisation”.

Maßschuh in Arbeit
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40/2018 | 24/07/2018

Feet deserve the best – made-to-measure shoes

The production of made-to-measure footwear is the crowning discipline of the shoemaking trade. With its fresh designation "custom shoemaker", the individual and hand-made manufacturing process is emphasised. The new regulation enters into force on 1 August.

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39/2018 | 19/07/2018

The cutting edge for households, hotels and restaurants and industry

Knives, scissors, drills, milling tools and saw blades: Sharpness and precision are simply a necessity for tools in order to fulfil their intended purpose. Starting on 1 August, the manufacture of such articles will be governed by the new training programme in the occupation of precision tool mechanic.

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37/2018 | 16/07/2018

A hot job – process technologist in the metal industry

The production and reforming of steel, copper, aluminium, lead and gold have always been procedures involving plenty of heat. The new training regulation takes account of technological developments and enters into force on 1 August 2018.

June 2018

Foto: Schleifen eines Edelsteines
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35/2018 | 27/06/2018

Objects which sparkle like stars – training for precious stone engravers is updated

The task of precious stone engravers is to bring out the true beauty of the stones and render them useful. The new ordinance will offer the four specialisms of “industrial diamond cutting”, “jewellery diamond cutting”, “precious stone cutting” and “precious stone engraving”.

Foto: Person steuert Fertigungsroboter
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34/2018 | 19/06/2018

Metal working and electrical occupations structured in a future-proof way

Industrial metal working and electrical occupations are a focal point for the ongoing digitalisation of the world of work. Eleven restructured training regulations and various optional additional qualifications enter into force on 1 August 2018.

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33/2018 | 12/06/2018

Around €18 billion from their own pocket – BIBB analysis on continuing vocational training

A new BIBB analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the cost and benefits of continuing vocational training for participants. They contribute significantly to financing their continuing vocational training.

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32/2018 | 08/06/2018

BIBB President Esser: "VET must be the pacesetter for the working world of the future!”

"VET must become the pacesetter for the working world of the future! This is because no other training and qualification pathway is better suited to preparing people for the company requirements of tomorrow," explains President Esser to conclude the 2018 BIBB Congress in Berlin.

Abbildung Ausbildungssituation
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30/2018 | 07/06/2018

Company survey shows: There is no way around vocational education and training!

Internal training remains the ideal way for many companies to secure their requirements for skilled workers over the long term. These are the findings of a BIBB company survey, which were presented at the opening of the BIBB Congress in Berlin.

May 2018

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28/2018 | 29/05/2018

Containers for jam, cosmetics and beer

Different vessels, equipment and pipework are required for products made in the chemical, food and cosmetics industries, as well as in shipbuilding. The new training regulation for vessel and equipment constructors enters into force on 1 August 2018.

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26/2018 | 17/05/2018

Insight into glass finishing – Restructured training for flat glass technologists

Flat glass technologists process and finish industrial flat glass for windows, display windows and cabinets, safety glass for banks and glass panels for solar energy systems. The updated training regulation takes into account digitalisation and modern control of production.

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25/2018 | 16/05/2018

Shaping stone by hand and machine – Updated training for stonemason and sculptor

Computer-controlled machines and modern methods in addition to manual processing of natural stones: The updated training for stonemason and sculptor combines tradition with modernity.

April 2018

22/2018 | 19/04/2018

"Klischeefrei” initiative gathers pace - BIBB supports career orientation on Girls’ and Boys’ Day

The "Klischeefrei" initiative campaigns for a world in which the choice of occupation and degree is free from gender-specific role models. Support from companies and institutions is rising. The BIBB is also supporting career orientation free of stereotyping with Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day on 26 April.

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20/2018 | 18/04/2018

Training market undergoing serious change – 10th BIBB Data Report

More people now start training with higher education entrance qualifications, more training positions remain unfilled – These are the findings from the 10th and anniversary edition of the Data Report. The thematic focus of the 2018 BIBB Data Report is vocational orientation.

March 2018

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18/2018 | 28/03/2018

Results of wbmonitor: Strategies for the training of persons with little or no educational background

Persons with little or no educational background participate comparatively rarely in continuing education and training. The findings of the wbmonitor survey conducted by BIBB provide new ideas for potentially effective strategies aimed at overcoming barriers in this area.

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17/2018 | 27/03/2018

Practical experience and individual support ease the way into training for refugees

Applicants from a refugee background are more likely to make the transition into company-based training if they receive support and assistance from mentors in the course of their search for a training position. These are the findings of a survey conducted by BIBB and Federal Employment Agency (BA).

16/2018 | 22/03/2018

Taking the right approach – quality assurance in company-based training

Because VET systems in other countries are predominantly school based, one particular question that arises abroad is which instruments and pathways secure training quality within the German dual system. A BIBB brochure, which is available in English, provides transparency and a structured overview.

12/2018 | 12/03/2018

New cooperation agreement signed with South Korea

“The long-standing exchange with the South Korean partner institute KRIVET is a good example of successful international collaboration beyond European borders”, emphasized BIBB Research Director Ertl on the occasion of the signing of a new cooperation agreement.

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11/2018 | 07/03/2018

Top 10 in 2017 – BIBB ranking list of newly concluded dual training contracts

In 2017, over a third of all new training contracts were once more concluded in just ten occupations. The results indicate a highly significant gender dominance in many occupations. Information technology specialist is a new entry at number nine in the list.

Foto: BIBB-Kongress im bcc, Berlin

10/2018 | 05/03/2018

BIBB Congress on 7 and 8 June in Berlin: "VET of tomorrow – experience innovations”

The 8th VET Congress staged by BIBB on 7 and 8 June takes place in Berlin under the motto "Learning for the future. VET of tomorrow – experience innovations". Online Registration is available with immediate effect, the early bird price offer ends on 21 April.

February 2018

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09/2018 | 27/02/2018

New VET regulations in the occupation of ceramics testing technologist

Wash basins, dental implants, and catalyst parts: Procedures such as laser analysis or thermal shock tests are used for testing ceramic products. The new training regulation for the occupation of "ceramics testing technologist" enters into force on 1 August and will replace the "materials tester".

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07/2018 | 15/02/2018

BIBB President Esser: “Continuing training – essential for the future world of work!”

The world of work of the future will require greater importance to be attached to continuing training. "Continuing training has long ceased being an option. It is now a must“, BIBB President Esser was writing in the latest issue of BIBB’s specialist journal BWP.

January 2018

05/2018 | 25/01/2018

VET “live” – ask questions, join the debate, get involved: BIBB at „didacta“ trade fair

Comprehensive information on current issues relating to VET will be presented by BIBB at the “didacta” trade fair, held in Hanover from 20 to 24 February 2018. Visit us in Hall 13, Stand F112. We look Forward to an exchange of views with you.

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04/2018 | 18/01/2018

BIBB supports the unrestricted availability of academic research literature

The BIBB will be rigorously adhering to the “Open Access Model”. This means that, from 2018 onwards, all BIBB publications will be made available on the institute’s website for download free of charge in citation-friendly PDF format (“gold open access”).

Person tippt auf Einkaufs-Icons auf transparentem Interface
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02/2018 | 09/01/2018

New cross-branch training occupation: Management assistant in e-commerce

This is the first new commercial training occupation to be launched for ten years. The central content of the training for the booming online trade is the use and operation of websites and distribution channels. The new training occupation will be introduced on 1 August.

Euro-Geldscheine und gestapelte Münzen
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01/2018 | 04/01/2018

Training allowances 2017: Slower rise

In 2017, training allowances based on collective wage agreements rose across Germany by an average of 2.6%. Average trainee remuneration across Germany for 2017 was €876 gross per month. The recent BIBB analysis shows that this rise was significantly weaker than in previous years.

December 2017

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48/2017 | 13/12/2017

Training market 2017: Positive developments – BIBB data in interactive regional maps for the first time

More training places offered, more young people seeking dual VET, more training contracts – but also more unfilled training places: These are the key findings of the BIBB analyses of training market development in 2017, visualized in interactive regional maps for the first time.

47/2017 | 12/12/2017

Spotlight on VET – BIBB YouTube channels offer a wide range of films

With the new information film “Dual vocational training in Germany” which is available in 11 languages, BIBB broadens its range of videos available on YouTube. In 2017 the BIBB added more than 30 new videos on vocational education and training.

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45/2017 | 06/12/2017

Job ticket to Europe – Europass certificate supplements now also available for advanced vocational training

Advanced vocational training qualifications will now also be clearly and easily understood across Europe. Europass certificate supplements are also available for advanced training occupations und thus support cross-border learning and working.

November 2017

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43/2017 | 28/11/2017

“It’s all about the trainers” – BMBF/BIBB symposium on VET 4.0

Digitalisation demands appropriate qualifications and continuing vocational education and training of teaching staff, stressed BIBB President Esser at a symposium on „VET 4.0“ in Leipzig. BIBB will therefore support a nationwide qualification initiative.

© guteksk7 – fotolia.de

42/2017 | 23/11/2017

Boom in the south, slump in the east

There will be a marked difference in the development of regional labour markets in Germany up to 2035. The reasons for this are different economic priorities in the regions and demographic changes. Current analyses by BIBB and IAB show this.

40/2017 | 16/11/2017

VET – the key to integration

Improving the integration of refugees in Germany in future by means of vocational education and training will be critically dependent on providing individually-tailored training programmes of the right quality and in the right amounts. These are some of the key findings from a new analysis by BIBB.

October 2017

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38/2017 | 19/10/2017

Important: school marks, work attitude and social behaviour

A company survey conducted by BIBB and the Social Science Research Centre Berlin shows what requirements companies make of applicants who hold an intermediate secondary school leaving certificate.

September 2017

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36/2017 | 26/09/2017

Dual higher education study – upwards trend carries on

The latest evaluation of the BIBB database „TrainingPlus“ shows: For the first time more than 100,000 students undertake a dual course of study. A constant growth in programme provision and companies offering training places has also been recorded.

33/2017 | 01/09/2017

Hubert Ertl is the new Head of Research at the BIBB

Since 1 September 2017, Prof. Dr. Hubert Ertl has been Deputy President and Head of Research of the BIBB. He regards the stronger strategic focus of research in the BIBB and its international networking as a particular challenge.

August 2017

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31/2017 | 22/08/2017

Security and good working conditions rather than a smartphone

The BIBB/BA Applicant Survey shows what young people want from their future training company: the wishes are rather conservative - and can also be fulfilled by SMEs. Most importantly, a good working atmosphere and high chances of permanent employment.

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30/2017 | 17/08/2017

Strategies and opportunities for vocational schools – BIBB analyses concepts

Vocational schools face challenges such as demographic change, digitalisation, and the trend towards higher school leaving qualifications. BIBB investigated the current situation of the learning venue and of the various approaches adopted in the federal states in a national comparison.

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29/2017 | 15/08/2017

Experts in energy distribution, network management and market analysis

The energy turnaround for an environmentally sustainable future needs specialists for energy distribution, markets and network Management. The new advanced training regulation leading to the qualification of „certified senior clerk in the energy sector“ will enter into force on 1 October 2017.

© auremar/Fotolia

28/2017 | 01/08/2017

Strengthening VET – Small companies and vocational schools need more support

Both policy makers and trade and industry need to adopt measures to strengthen the status of vocational education and training in Germany. BIBB President Esser emphasised this on the occasion of the start of the new training year, which officially begins on 1 August.

July 2017

27/2017 | 19/07/2017

New training year begins with 12 updated occupations

Ranging from “automobile business administrator” to “sales assistant for retail services” – The new year of training starts officially on 1 August with 12 updated dual training occupations.

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26/2017 | 18/07/2017

Perfection delivers the “perfect” sound

The new regulation of the traditional occupation "piano and harpsichord maker" enters into force on 1 August: Manual instrument making, repair, calculating costs and – a greater – emphasis on entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour are part of the new training regulation.

© da Vinci, Nürnberg

25/2017 | 14/07/2017

From witches’ brooms to fine brushes – “Broom and brush maker” training regulation updated

Whether it's in day-to-day life, as a tool or in the world of art: There are about 1000 different types of brooms and brushes, from huge brooms to the finest artists' brushes. The new training regulation for the "broom and brush maker" was updated and will enter into force on 1 August.

© SOMSO, Coburg

24/2017 | 13/07/2017

Nature as the model – Training for biology model makers updated

Everybody knows it from school: The model of a human skeleton. Biological model makers produce anatomical, botanical and zoological teaching and demonstration models. Training for this occupation was now updated. The new regulation will enter into force on 1 August.

June 2017

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22/2017 | 12/06/2017

Digital translation – New advanced training regulation enters into force on 1 January

Computer-aided translation or virtual databases – such aspects are exerting an impact on the demands made of translators today. The new advanced training regulations for the qualification of certified translator takes full account of these developments.

May 2017

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19/2017 | 31/05/2017

Modernisation of training in the milling and grain production industry

Contents of the previous training occupation of miller have been further developed in an updated training regulation which adds the area of storage and introduces the new occupational title of process technologist for the milling and grain production industry and enters into force on 1 August 2017.

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18/2017 | 19/05/2017

BIBB analysis: Chances for young migrants continue to fall

During the period from 2004 to 2016, young migrants were significantly less successful in securing a training place than young people not from a migrant background. Last year, progression rates fell back to the very low level experienced in 2004.

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16/2017 | 09/05/2017

More English, more security, more service

The two commercial training occupations in air transport – “Air traffic management assistants” and “Service employees in air traffic” – are taking off again. They now form an occupational group. Key importance will be attached in future to knowledge of English and security aspects.

April 2017

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15/2017 | 20/04/2017

Not always just a purely male domain - men and women in technical training occupations

Despite numerous measures to increase the number of women training in technical occupations, the proportion has not in-creased in more than 20 years. However, “typically female” technical occupations definitely exist, even if it is just a few.

© Frank Gärtner - fotolia.de

14/2017 | 18/04/2017

Qualifications for refugees lead to boom in continuing education and training

The prevailing economic mood in the continuing education and training sector peaked at its highest point to date in 2016. The results of the "wbmonitor" survey by BIBB and DIE show that organisations providing qualifications for refugees saw improvements in terms of "economic mood".

© autoberufe

13/2017 | 12/04/2017

Automobile business administrators in the fast lane – training regulation updated

Digitalisation, networking and electromobility are accelerating the already high rate of development and innovation in the automotive sector. This is also impacting on commercial areas. The training regulation for automobile business administrators was therefore brought up to date.

© Robert Kneschke / fotolia.de

11/2017 | 05/04/2017

Young refugees have arrived in the transitional phase – BIBB Data Report published

The increase in the transition phase between school and training is mainly due to programmes supporting German language learning for young refugees and immigrants. The BIBB Data Report again provides a range of facts and figures on all areas of initial and continuing vocational education and training.

© Fotolia - bounlow-pic

10/2017 | 04/04/2017

BIBB President Esser: “Balanced VET necessary”

The new issue of the BIBB specialist journal “Vocational Training in Research and Practice – BWP” documents the initial results and findings on the spread of digital technology in VET. In his editorial BIBB President Esser speaks out in favour of „balanced vocational education and training“.

© kalou1927, Picture-Factory / fotolia.de

09/2017 | 03/04/2017

Top 10 training occupations for 2016 – BIBB analysis on new contracts

The ten most strongly represented occupations remain unchanged from 2016 at the top of the ranking of newly concluded dual education and training contracts. While information technology specialist has climbed significantly, the number of new contracts for bank clerks went down.

March 2017

© ISC Germany

08/2017 | 27/03/2017

Updated training for footwear makers and finishers

The right footwear exists for every requirement – from high heels to fire fighters' boots. The footwear maker and finisher is an industrial occupation in shoe production. The updated training regulation will replace the existing regulation as of 1 August 2017.

06/2017 | 07/03/2017

BIBB analysis: Learning to use media in training

For the first time, the BIBB study "Using and producing media - development of media competency in vocational education and trainingng" provides a comprehensive cross-sectional analysis of the importance of media competency across occupational and sector boundaries and also devises a classification.

February 2017

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03/2017 | 09/02/2017

BIBB analysis shows: Increasing shortage of nursing and healthcare staff

A nationwide shortage in nursing and healthcare professions could occur in the near future. In 2035 labour demand would outstrip supply by around 270,000 persons. A BIBB analysis based on projections also turns its attention to possible compensatory measures.

January 2017

© BIBB/Rotthaus

02/2017 | 17/01/2017

VET "live“: BIBB at the “didacta 2017” education fair in Stuttgart

Comprehensive information, workshops and discussions with experts, adventure course "try five“ for young people – the BIBB a wide range of Information on current topics relating to VET at the "didacta“ education fair to be held in Stuttgart from 14 to 18 February.

EIn Taschenrechner und Geldscheine

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01/2017 | 05/01/2017

Training allowances based on collective wage agreements 2016: The East is catching up

Training allowances based on collective wage agreements rose significantly once again in 2016 – an increase of 3.2 % in the West and 4.9 % in the East. According to a BIBB evaluation the average training allowance for the whole of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2016 was €854 per month.