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GOVET as the main contact point

GOVET is the main vocational education and training cooperation contact partner for national and international stakeholders.

GOVET acts as the main contact point for those, who would like to learn more about how the German dual system of Vocation Education and Training works. In addition, GOVET sees its core task to support international cooperation in VET for domestic, but also for international interested parties. 

  • GOVET is the point of contact for all those wishing to know how vocational education and training in Germany functions and for all those who are seeking cooperation opportunities in international VET regardless of whether such potential partners are from home or abroad.
  • GOVET’s homepage offers essential information on and basic presentations of the German VET system in various languages. Interested parties are also advised how they can present information to the different target groups in the most precisely tailored way.
  • GOVET provides an overview of possible partners and funding instruments within the field of vocational education and training cooperation. It also advises potential cooperation partners from home and abroad on how to find suitable partners.
  • GOVET offers English language translations of German VET standards, of the Vocational Training Act, of a sample training contract and of much more besides.
  • GOVET provides a network for German and international stakeholders.