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Presentation on "Dual VET" now available in 10 languages

cover GOVET presentation
Presentation on "Dual VET" in Farsi

The GOVET presentation on Dual VET is now available in Farsi. It gives an overview of the core elements of dual vocational education and training. GOVET now offers the presentation in 10 different languages.

GOVET registers a strong demand for presentations and therefore continually expands its repertoire. The presentations offer an overview of the German VET system and can be used in different contexts. The GOVET presentation Dual VET is designed for people not familiar with the German VET system. It serves as an introduction to the German VET system. How does dual VET in Germany work? What are the advantages and the challenges? And why is the German VET system a success story? International stakeholders can use the presentation in order to explain the main aspects of the German VET system to their partners. The presentation is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

In addition to the presentation on Dual VET, GOVET offers the presentation The Engine of Dual VET Cooperation of Stakeholders from Business, Government and Society. The presentation shows how the different stakeholders shape and drive Dual VET at the key “joints” of a vocational training system. How does Germany manage to bring together the different interests of stakeholders from government, business and society in the field of Dual VET? What kinds of mechanism for co-decision are available? How do they work? The presentation is available in English, German and Spanish.