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The magazine


The journal "Berufsbildung in Wissenschaft und Praxis - BWP" (Vocational Training in Research and Practice) reports on research findings on and practical experience with topical issues from the field of vocational education and training, thus fostering an exchange between players in education research, day-to-day education practice and education policy.

Each issue has a special focus. Using this approach, BWP offers a well-founded, multi-faceted treatment of the focal subject, with attention given to both national and international developments.

At the same time as the issue is published all articles are available for use on the website bwp-zeitschrift.de. In the year following publication download is free of charge. Subscribers of BWP also have free access to current year’s issues.

The BWP journal targets all VET players from the research field, day-to-day practice and the political sector (cf. figure).


BWP is published six times a year: in February, April, June, August, October and December.

Published by

The Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB)
The President
Robert-Schuman-Platz 3
D-53175 Bonn

Editorial team

Christiane Jäger (senior editor)
Dr. Britta Nelskamp
Katharina Reiffenhäuser
Arne Schambeck
Maren Waechter


Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB)
Editorial Office BWP
Robert-Schuman-Platz 3
D-53175 Bonn
E-Mail: bwp@bibb.de

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board helps the BWP editorial team select topics and evaluate articles. Members of this panel are Dr. Stephanie Conein, BIBB; Prof. Dr. Bernadette Dilger, Institute of Business Education and Educational Management, University of St. Gallen/Switzerland; PD Dr. Holle Grünert, Zentrum für Sozialforschung Halle e.V.; Dr. Bernhard Hilkert, BIBB; Antonius Kappe, Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH, Marl; Dr. Norbert Lachmayr, Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training, Vienna; Annalisa Schnitzler, BIBB as well as Philipp Ulmer, BIBB.

Assessment Criteria

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