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Presentations on the stakeholders of the German VET system

The presentation on the stakeholders of the German VET system is available in several languages, respectively in pdf and PowerPoint format. The presentations are subject to copyright owned by GOVET. The presentation or individual segments may only be used under the condition of naming the author GOVET.

Stakeholders of the German VET System

How does Germany manage to bring together the different interests of stakeholders from government, business and society in the field of Dual VET? What kinds of mechanism for co-decision are available? How do they work? These questions are posed frequently by foreign delegations visiting Germany. This is why GOVET has developed a new presentation regarding this topic: “The Engine of Dual VET Cooperation of Stakeholders from Business, Government and Society.“
The presentation explores in more detail the quality features of German VET and is based on the GOVET standard presentation on Dual VET. The presentation shows how the different stakeholders shape and drive Dual VET at the key “joints” of a vocational training system (legal framework, standards, implementation and assessment/certification).