The new training year begins with nine modernised dual training occupations

34/2014 | Bonn, 31.07.2014

The new training year begins with nine modernised dual training occupations

Nine newly modernised training occupations ranging from “specialist in ice cream making” to “cycle mechatronics technician” will be on offer when the new training year starts on 1 August, a day on which several hundred thousand young people will embark upon their new working life. “The high quality of vocational education and training secures the innovative ability and competitiveness of Germany as an economic location”, emphasises Reinhold Weiß, Deputy President of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB). “Young people and young adults are taught practically related skills that are relevant to the labour market and in demand from trade and industry as well as opening up attractive employment opportunities. One example of the evidence for this is the low level of youth unemployment in Germany.”

Nine modernised training regulations enter into force when the new training year begins on 1 August.

  • Specialist in ice cream making
  • Motor vehicle body and vehicle construction mechanic
  • Office management clerk
  • Insurance and financial services broker
  • Agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics technician
  • Upholsterer
  • Technologist in confectionery goods
  • Maker of plucked musical instruments
  • Cycle mechatronics technician

Young people and young adults can choose from a total number of 328 recognised dual training occupations. Since 2003, BIBB has acted on behalf of the Federal Government and in conjunction with the social partners and representatives from company practice to revise no fewer than 217 training regulations to meet current economic, technological and societal requirements. This demonstrates just how adaptable the dual training system in Germany is. During this process, 180 training regulations were modernised and 37 new training occupations created. In the 14 occupations updated in 2013, comprising two new and twelve modernised occupations, around 26,700 new training contracts were concluded in the same year alone.

BIBB is already working on the modernisation of 13 further training occupations which are scheduled to enter into force at the beginning of the 2015 training year. These include occupations such as legal, patent lawyer and notary assistant and roofer.

Information on training occupations is available on the BIBB website at www.bibb.de/occupations .