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Russian hairdressers show that they can cut it

GOVET at BIBB supports vocational education and training cooperation

45/2018 | Bonn, 26.09.2018

Russian hairdressers show that they can cut it
GOVET/ Schlich

A rather unusual form of international VET cooperation has produced some impressive results. On 25 September, Russian hairdressing apprentices completed a German final examination for the first time. The aim was to monitor the quality of Russian training and to investigate the degree of success delivered by German consultancy services within the scope of vocational education and training cooperation between the two countries. GOVET, the German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training based at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), has been working in conjunction with a range of bodies over the past five years in order to help shape VET cooperation with the Russian Federation. Alongside the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), these partner organisations have recently also included the German National Association of Hairdressers (ZV).

The results of the demonstration examination held in the occupation of hairdressing confirm that vocational education and training reforms in Russia have led to greater quality. This success is also testament to the quality of German consultancy services in international VET cooperation. Examinations are a fundamental quality assurance element in vocational education and training, and the advice and support given to the Russian partners in the establishment of independent examinations thus formed one of the main focuses of these services. From 23 to 25 October 2018, a German delegation will travel to Moscow together with five German hairdressing apprentices. These trainees will then complete the jointly agreed examination in order to make results comparable.

BIBB President Friedrich Hubert Esser emphasises, “Binding training contents and independent examination procedures are essential indicators of a good vocational education and training system. At BIBB, training contents are developed as standards for dual VET in Germany and monitored and updated on an ongoing basis via a process which includes representatives from policy making, trade and industry and the trade unions. We are delighted that our tried-and- tested practice is finding fertile ground in other countries too.”

The ZV also takes a positive view of German-Russian training cooperation. “The dual system of VET in the craft trades occupation of hairdressing serves as a model for many countries,” said ZV President Harald Esser. He continued: “It ensures that young skilled workers receive good instruction and is primarily practice-oriented. We are very happy to have entered into close collaboration with our Russian colleagues and are pleased that Robert Fuhs, Chair of the ZV VET Committee and Chief Master Craftsman of the Bonn/Rhein Sieg Hairdressing Guild, is heavily involved at the heart of the project.”

The Government of the Russian Federation has been operating a realigned form of its vocational education and training system since the end of 2012. The relevant Russian professional association is currently introducing a countrywide standard for the occupation of hairdresser. The proportion of practical elements included in the training will be increased, and a major quality assurance aspect will be put in place in the form of a nationally uniform final examination. An agreement on the monitoring of these developments was concluded in June at one of the regular meetings on VET that are held between the BMBF and the Russian Ministry of Education.

At the beginning of September, an expert delegation from the Russian Hairdressing Association was in Bonn to obtain guidance from Robert Fuhs on preparing the demonstration examination. The participants also visited BIBB, a vocational school, companies, a training centre and the ZV and participated in a journeyman examination in order to update their knowledge of the German system.

During a second visit to Germany from 24 to 26 September, the Russian experts were accompanied by four Russian hairdressing trainees. These apprentices sat the theoretical examination at the Bonn/Rhein Sieg Hairdressing Guild and demonstrated their practical skills at a salon in Sankt Augustin. All the trainees passed the examination and received good marks.

Further information on the project and on German vocational education and training cooperation is available on the BIBB website at https://www.bibb.de/govet/en/index.php.

Contact partner at GOVET at BIBB: Thorsten Schlich, email: schlich@govet.international, Tel.: +49 228 / 107-2835

Contact partner at the ZV: Louisa Braune, email: l.braune@friseurhandwerk.de, Tel.: +49 221 / 973037-15

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