Our „Four Champions“ of training occupations

Modern standards for all trainees in the dual system

Germany‘s in-company training is structured according to nationwide standards. They are anchored in the training regulations by law. They are occupation-specific and are based on real work processes.

Our „Four Champions“ of training occupations

Four new themes have now been introduced to supplement all current training regulations:

  • Digitised Working World
  • Environment and Sustainiability
  • Safety and Health at the Workplace
  • Company, VET, Labour and Tarif Law

These new themes will be included into all the present occupational programs and so, will apply to all trainees. The topics enjoy a high priority in Germany and therefore have been given due attention by the policy-makers. All companies involved in training are obliged to integrate and implement these subjects in their individual company training programs.

Why is this neccessary?

In a fast-changing and future-focussed world, we need to ensure a constant supply of competent, skilled personnel.

Examples for the supplemented themes would be the competent handling of digital media and data. Also, communicative and social competences as well as appreciation of social diversity amongst one another. Furthermore, the ability to act and take desisions considering economic, ecological an social aspects within their professional environment.

What we have to specifically emphasise is: this general framework is the common basis upon which vocation-specific content can be added. Taking the new occupation in 2021 "Electronics technician for building system integration" as an example, his course would be based on the above mentioned new four „champions“. And in addition, he would have his vocation-specific requirements added to it.

All of these points are considered during the whole traineeship and are also integrated into the final examinations. The promotion of these themes not only appeals to the companies but also to the younger generation.