International Expert Monitor on work-based learning in VET (IEM)

How are practice-oriented initial VET programmes developing in selected industrialised countries worldwide? The International Expert Monitor on work-based learning in VET (IEM) is a development project with the aim of continuously and systematically monitoring these changes. For this purpose, among other things, assessments are obtained from an international network of experts.

Worldwide, the importance of practice-oriented (vocational) education and training is increasing. In the EU, the global financial crisis and euro crisis, inter alia, have led to high youth unemployment in parts of Europe. This has generated an increased interest in more practice-oriented VET worldwide, which has significantly expanded the existing variety of initial VET programmes with company-based components.

In view of this range of initial VET courses with company-based components and the diverse economic, technological and social developments, the question arises as to how such VET courses will develop in the future. In the context of these developments, the International Expert Monitor is a new instrument for the targeted observation of practice-oriented forms of initial VET in an international context. The main questions of the IEM are:

  1. What forms of dualized initial VET exist and what status do they have in the countries studied?
  2. What challenges do the dualized forms of VET face in the countries studied (and what need for action is seen to ensure that they remain functional and sustainable)?
  3. What developments can be identified on a national and international level?


The IEM monitors the development of dualised forms of initial VET in countries with at least upper middle income (World Bank definition). On the other hand, expert assessments are obtained on selected topics of in-company initial VET with relevance for Germany. For this purpose, data and information are collected via an international network of experts by means of a regular online survey, workshops following the surveys and the implementation of individual topic-related country studies.


3.5.307 - Internationaler Expertenmonitor

Time period I-20 to IV-23

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