Division 3.2

International Advisory Services, Cooperation with Partner Institutions

Division 3.2 is responsible for the bilateral VET cooperation with BIBB partner institutions and multilateral organizations. Furthermore, the division conducts advisory projects in partner countries.  


The principal focus is to provide advice in regard to the establishment or reform of the national VET system in partner countries. This includes the areas of VET governance, learning in the work process, standards in VET, training of VET staff and the institutionalization of VET research.


For instance, the division supports in the development of steering mechanisms and a social partnership-based VET governance and advises on financing models and the legal basis of VET systems. Further frequent topics are the cooperation between learning venues, the development of training and examination standards, the establishment of a national VET reporting system and the implementation of cost-benefit analyses for VET.


The cooperation with multilateral organizations is another focus of work. In this context, the division works closely with organizations and networks such as UNESCO, UNESCO-UNEVOC, ILO and ASEAN.

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