With more than 85,000 media and around 200 regularly subscribed journals, the library provided by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) is the largest specialised academic library on the subject of vocational education and training and VET research in German-speaking countries.

The library’s holdings are fully documented in our library catalogue. This catalogue is available for research online and contains all the media that are physically available in the library. For the search interface of our library catalogue, we use a discovery system that allows a simultaneous search in multiple data sources.

You can use the literature search to search the holdings of the library as well as those of the VET Repository.

The library currently focuses on collecting media in the following areas:

  • Dual education system
  • Historical and methodological issues of vocational education and training and vocational education and training research
  • Social science and economic fundamentals of vocational education and training 
  • College-based and company-based vocational education and training
  • Continuing vocational education and training
  • Career and qualification development
  • Personnel in vocational education and training
  • International aspects of vocational education and training

Specialist literature on administrative tasks and legal issues is also available to a limited extent.