Specialist information service

The literature documentation service offers various specialist information services that provide an overview of current vocational education and training topics in science, politics, and practice. These services include the Vocational Education and Training Literature Database (LDBB), bibliographies, and other information services.

The literature documentation service is responsible for the production and editing of the Literature Database for Vocational Education and Training (LDBB, available in German only). The LDBB constitutes the core of the information service. It systematically references the German-language publications on all aspects of vocational education and training and corresponding research in this field since 1988.

The total stock of this database comprises about 58,000 bibliographical references (as per October 2014). The LDBB occupies a unique niche in the German specialist information landscape with its defined spectrum of subjects. It is the only literature database that continuously and comprehensively references the field of vocational education and training research in Germany over such a long period of time.

The LDBB combines up-to-dateness of its references with high standards of evaluation of mostly dependent literature such as essays published in journals and compilations, which can be researched only to a limited degree in library catalogues and the internet. The LDBB moreover references monographs, grey literature, academic theses and internet articles as well as all BIBB publications.

In addition to bibliographical data, all bibliographical references are recorded regarding their content by way of keywords, abstracts and classification; they are also checked by a team of editors. The database is updated monthly, allowing for the timely researching of the latest publications.

Current co-operation partners of the LDBB include the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), the Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training (öibf) since 2008 and the Information Centre IDES of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) since 2011.

The select bibliographies on important current functional and political issues of vocational education and training are a literature documentation product that is in very high demand from the expert public. By now, more than 30 select bibliographies are available.

The literature and documentation team moreover compiles an annual index of all publications by BIBB employees (BIBB Annual Bibliography, available in German only) on behalf of the institute’s management.

Published every two months, the Infodienst aktuell & lesenswert (Information Service Up to date & Worth reading, available in German only) provides information on select publications from the LDBB.

In addition, the page Vocational education & training at the German Bundestag (available in German only) documents the latest printed matter for parliamentary proceedings regarding vocational education and training issues.