Refereed articles

In the academic context, publications that have undergone a recognised quality assurance procedure (referred to as a “peer review”) are particularly important. They are considered to provide evidence of a high academic quality of research results and are an important benchmark for the assessment of academic achievements when evaluating research institutions.

During the peer review, one or more experts in the area concerned (“peers”) evaluate the articles submitted for publication. The aim here is to ensure the correctness and soundness of the academic work, uphold academic standards and keep any irrelevant or even false results out of academic discussion. The peer review process is not standardised and may therefore vary greatly. In some cases, for example, there are significant differences regarding the number of assessors, the way their assessment is handled and the various details of the procedure (e.g. appraisal criteria, extent of anonymisation).

Below you will find the articles published by employees of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) in refereed journals and edited volumes listed by year, along with a brief summary of their content (abstract). Articles from further in the past (up to and including 2007) are documented in the corresponding annual bibliographies, as are all other publications by BIBB employees.