Dual study programmes in the German VET system

Dual study programmes were created as a form of educational provision offering both an academic and a practical vocational qualification. This system is aimed at supporting learning transfer and hence achieving a benefit over purely academic or purely hands-on forms of initial vocational training.

Dual study programmes in the German VET system

Dual study programmes that take place at institutes of higher education or vocational academies in cooperation with companies represent a special type of programme. There has been a significant increase in the number of such courses in Germany. This sort of programme differs from conventional higher education study in that students receive at least one qualification from the VET sector in addition to an academic degree. Another characteristic feature is the interplay of two learning venues – the institute of higher education and the company. Occupational practice and academic study are closely linked.

The possibility of obtaining two degrees at the same time, one vocational and one academic, is very attractive for many young people with an university entrance qualification. The high practical relevance and good career opportunities are the primary motives for school leavers to choose this form of study, which requires a high degree of discipline and self-organisation from them.

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