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Section Z 3

Legal Affairs / Organization / Quality Development / Office of the Board

  • Providing legal counselling for the Institute's organizational units and assuming responsibility for handling matters that revolve around legal issues
  • Representing the Institute in and out of court in disputes
  • Vocational training law
  • Quality Management: LQW (Learner-Oriented Quality Certification for Further Education Organisations)
  • Central office for awarding contracts
  • Conducting organizational studies, ascertaining personnel requirements and other organizational matters
  • Data protection
  • Sponsoring
  • Office of the Board for the Board itself, its subcommittees, the Research Council and the Disabled Persons Committee

Section Head:

Johanna Mölls

Johanna Mölls

Phone: +49 228 107-2914

Fax: +49 228 107-2953



Christoph Junggeburth

Dr. Christoph Junggeburth

Phone: +49 228 107-2950