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  • A call for "integrated action"

    Round Table commits to international cooperation

    Successful first meeting

    The Round Table for International Vocational Education and Training Cooperation met at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The various stakeholders coordinate their joint action in the partner countries.

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  • Development of training allowances 2014

    Trainees have significantly more in their pockets

    Illustration: Euro-Geldscheine, auf denen drei höher werdende Stapel aus Münzen arrangiert sind

    BIBB evaluation

    The average training allowance based on collective wage agreements for the whole of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2014 was €795 per month, an increase of 4.5 % compared to the previous year.

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Main topics


Professional Recognition: A Success Story

Foreign skilled workers from different countries and with diverse professional backgrounds talk about their own personal employment histories, the challenges they faced in Germany and how they obtained recognition.

BWP 1/2015 Learning venues

Learning in the different learning venues of German initial vocational training is the focus of this issue of the journal BWP. It highlights which opportunities and potentials the different settings offer, and how they ideally work together to deliver the skills for vocational proficiency.   

Illustration: Mappen liegen auf einem Schreibtisch
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Call for Papers: The Economics of VET

The conference “The Economics of Vocational Education and Training: Markets, Institutions, Systems” will take place from 5th to 6th of November 2015 in Bonn. Papers can be submitted until 31 May 2015. Further information can be found in the PDF-File.

More reputation for the dual system – Professor Esser spoke in Brussels

"We need to further develop vocational training and academic education on an equal footing!", BIBB President Esser emphasised when speaking at a conference in Brussels. In addition to the prospects, he highlighted in his speech the characteristics and performance capability of the dual system.

Qualification of training supervisors – Successful German-Portuguese co-operation

The German-Portuguese co-operation in the field of vocational education and training is making headway, BIBB President Esser and the Portuguese Ambassador to Berlin Sampaio agreed during a meeting at the BIBB.

Training regulations and how they come about

Foto: Auszubildende in der Berufsschule

Most young people in Germany begin their initial vocational education and training after leaving school with an apprenticeship, that is, a course of training in the dual system.

Foto: justice statue

The 1969 Vocational Training Act (BBiG) was amended in 2005. The amendment came into force on 1 April 2005. One of the goals of the Act is to ensure that young people just getting started in the world of work have full vocational capacity in a wide range of activities.

Foto: Meeting

Out-of-school vocational education and training is governed uniformly and nationwide by the Vocational Training Act.

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