BILT – Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET

The BILT project supports collaboration activities across and beyond the European UNEVOC network. Its goal is to enhance national as well as multinational TVET capacities, generate new knowledge and share information in TVET. In a 'Bridging' component, it acts as a springboard for trans-regional action, involving innovative UNEVOC Centres in the Asia-Pacific and African regions.

The UNEVOC Network is UNESCO’s global network for TVET institutions. It was founded in 1992 and brings together more than 250 UNEVOC centres worldwide. The network is divided into regional Clusters, including the European Cluster – here, BIBB is one of two German UNEVOC Centres and acts as a coordinator, being substantially involved in the steering of network and exchange activities.


BILT looks into five thematic areas. The overarching BILT theme explores which new qualifications and competencies emerge due to trends and shifts in economy and society and how these can be integrated in curricula and training regulations. The theme is supported by four work streams, with a focus on digital, green and entrepreneurial competencies as well as competencies related to migration:

The BILT project is carried out in collaboration with UNEVOC Network members, coordinated by UNESCO-UNEVOC with support of the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), and sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


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From autumn 2020 onwards, an expert group composed of different UNEVOC Centres works on publications concerning the identification, formalisation and implementation of ‘New Qualifications and Comeptencies’ on different levels. Additional Bridging events will bring together TVET stakeholders from Europe, Africa and Asia. The 'BILT Learning Summit' in the end of 2021 will be an opportunity to present results of these activities and plan further steps. 


BILT was officially launched with a Kick-Off Conference on 10 and 11 July 2019 at the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre in Bonn. Between October and December 2019, workshops on each BILT theme were held at different UNEVOC Centres in Europe to enter the thematic discussions. The ‘Global Forum’ on 03 and 04 December 2019 in Bonn served to present interim results and initiate the ‘Bridging’ process.


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European UNEVOC Network Consolidation Workshop (13-14 March 2018, Bonn)

The BILT project has evolved over a longer period of time and was substantively co-designed with the input of UNEVOC Centres. Some European UNEVOC Centres first came together in September 2017 for a scoping workshop, which aimed to identify the demands and potential interests of the European cluster. A second consolidation workshop organized in March 2018 identified the work streams and themes in greater detail, and provided a better idea of UNEVOC Centres which may want to lead and contribute to each individual work stream. This background work led to the definition of the Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET (BILT) initiative.