Press releases 2019

41/2019 | 19.12.2019

iMOVE at BIBB presents the Trend Barometer 2019

The practical training of skilled workers through the teaching of occupational employability skills is the unique selling point and key sales argument in international training markets for German exporters of initial and VET provision. This is shown by iMOVE at BIBB's 2019 Trend Barometer.

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39/2019 | 11.12.2019

2019 development of the training market

Due to demographic trends, the demand from young people for dual training positions has fallen to under 600,000 for the first time. There was also a fall in the number of training positions on offer as well as newly concluded dual training contracts.

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36/2019 | 20.11.2019

Strengthening VET in Africa

The exchange of experience and ideas on projects and initiatives for successful vocational education and training cooperation is the focus of the 1st German-African Forum on VET which is being organised by BIBB and the German-African Business Association in Berlin.

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35/2019 | 31.10.2019

Four out of five young people are being trained in their desired occupation

The vast majority (83%) of applicants able to find a company-based training position are receiving training in their desired occupation or in one of their desired occupations. These are the findings of the representative BA/BIBB applicant survey.

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33/2019 | 10.10.2019

“Digital media in VET” roadshow goes international

The nationally successful “Digital media in VET” roadshow has now also made its international debut. BIBB and Asia-based VET stakeholders presented examples of good practice at the specialist trade fair „Worlddidac Asia“ in Bangkok.

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30/2019 | 19.09.2019

The current trend is for digital competence measurement

Digitalisation is opening up new opportunities for measuring competencies of trainees. Research indicates a clear trend towards computer-based testing tools. This is the finding of a literature-based overview study by BIBB which has now been published.

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29/2019 | 02.09.2019

50 years of the BBiG – a guarantor of high quality

The Vocational Training Act entered into force 50 years ago on 1 September 1969. BIBB President Esser marked the occasion by stating that the law is a guarantor of high-quality VET.

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25/2019 | 02.08.2019

Where technological progress could lead

Technological progress has always taken place. But what causes it? Who or what drives it? And what are its impacts? Twelve video interviews with well-known researchers from different disciplines contribute to the present debate surrounding the future of society and work in a digital age.

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22/2019 | 24.07.2019

“Create a closer link between initial and continuing VET”

BIBB President Esser has marked the beginning of the new training year on 1 August by emphasising the need for initial and continuing vocational education and training to be even more closely linked in future.

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21/2019 | 17.07.2019

New training regulations for the occupation of industrial cleaner

The revision of the training occupation addresses technical, economic and organisational changes and developments that have taken place in craft trade practices in the field of industrial cleaning. The updated training regulations replace the existing regulations from 1999 as of 1 August 2019.

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15/2019 | 30.04.2019

Who will save work? – BIBB and GOVET at „re:publica“ in Berlin

BIBB and GOVET will be presenting innovative approaches and successful practical examples in VET at the “re:publica” Conference in Berlin from 6 to 8 May.

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14/2019 | 12.04.2019

BIBB and CÉREQ renew cooperation agreement

BIBB and its French partner institute CÉREQ have concluded a new cooperation agreement. In light of growing global challenges, BIBB and CÉREQ will pool their expertise via such vehicles as joint comparative and cross-border research projects.

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12/2019 | 10.04.2019

BIBB Data Report to accompany the 2019 Report on VET is published

Demand for training places by young people and young adults and the number of training places offered by companies both rose once again in 2018. Nevertheless, recruitment problems on the training market exacerbated further. These are the main outcomes of the 2019 BIBB Data Report.

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11/2019 | 25.03.2019

Why occupations are not chosen

Even if an occupation reflects the activities in which they are interested, many young people will still tend to drop it during the career choice process if insufficient social recognition appears to be on offer. This is the main outcome to emerge from a study conducted by the BIBB.

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10/2019 | 13.03.2019

BIBB publishes its 2018 ranking list for training occupations

Impressive start: Around 1,300 training contracts have been concluded in 2018 in the new training occupation of “management assistant in e-commerce”. With just over 15,000 new contracts the occupation of information technology specialist made it position 7 in the Top 10.

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09/2019 | 06.03.2019

New training regulations for organ makers

Each organ is an individual piece. The building of organs is a craft with a long tradition. But also here, above all technical and electronic innovations took place. The new training regulation with the specialisms of organ building and pipe making enters into force on 1 August 2019.

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07/2019 | 19.02.2019

Occupational advancement with VET—men at a clear advantage

Around eleven percent of skilled workers in Germany who have completed dual VET carry out higher level tasks for which a higher qualification is typically required. Men have a clear advantage over women, as the new issue of BIBB REPORT shows.

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06/2019 | 14.02.2019

New BIBB specialist information service

The BIBB is robustly pursuing its Open Access Policy by continuing to expand academic research services in the field of vocational education and training and VET research. BIBB has made a “VET Repository” available online with immediate effect.

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05/2019 | 13.02.2019

Upper secondary certificate, and then what?

In light of the rising numbers of higher education students, the BIBB has conducted a study into which pupils are more likely to commence a programme of vocational education and training despite being having a higher education entrance qualification.

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04/2019 | 12.02.2019

Vocational education and training cooperation with Iran

The BIBB will advise Iran on its planned VET reforms. At a workshop in Teheran which BIBB helped to organise, Germany and Iran signed a Memorandum of Understanding on future vocational education and training cooperation between the two countries.

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03/2019 | 30.01.2019

BIBB evaluation of professional and occupational recognition

An investigation conducted by the BIBB shows that recognition of applications submitted from abroad is already working well. The stakeholders involved, however, believe that there is still room for improvement.

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01/2019 | 09.01.2019

Development of training allowances in 2018: Higher increases again

In 2018, training allowances based on collective wage agreements increased across Germany by an average of 3.7%. The increase was thus stronger than in 2017 (2.6%). Throughout Germany, the average training allowance was €908 gross per month. This is shown by a BIBB analysis.

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