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Supplemental Task Survey 2012

In the series of Employment Surveys, wave 2012 is the first where supplemental surveys became feasible.

One available for the scientific community as a scientific use file (SUF) is the supplemental survey 'Tasks'. The survey is divided in two parts. The first part measures for N = 4,362 individuals approximately one year after conducting the main study

  • mobility (change in wages, working time, change of employer etc.) and
  • generic tasks.

More than 2,000 individuals of the subsample answered also the second part of the survey. They report on a freely chosen working day in November 2012 about

  • the time (hours, minutes) spend with single tasks,
  • whether the respective tasks at the reporting day are usually performed or not,
  • how difficult respondents experience performing these tasks (subjective measurement).

The current version (SUF) of the data set 'Tasks 2012' available for the scientific community describes a report of our publication series.

You may want to check the wording of all questions and respondents answers in the 2012 Tasks questionnaire. 

The SUF of the supplemental survey 'Tasks' will be initially distributed via the BIBB-FDZ. To request the SUF, the application for use, which can be downloaded from the data access section of the BIBB-FDZ website, must be filled out and signed and then sent via regular mail or fax to the BIBB-FDZ.

Please note that - in regular - analyses of the supplemental survey 'Tasks' requires using also the main study, because only the main study provides information of supplemental survey participants about socio-demographics, occupations, job profiles etc.