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Research Data Centre at BIBB

Illustration: vernetzte Datenbestände

In 2008, BIBB complied with the German Commission on the Improvement of the Informational Infrastructure by founding a Research Data Center (BIBB-FDZ) to provide researchers with standardized access to BIBB data sets. The BIBB-FDZ forms part of the data infrastructure of the German Council for Social and Economic Data (RatSWD) and operates in alignment with the Council's criteria.

Short description of our services and data

The BIBB-FDZ offers several services for researchers:

  • Standard access to well prepared firm- and individual-level data on the attainment and utilization of vocational education and training
  • Documentation of these data sets, i.e. a description of their central characteristics, main issues and variables, data collection, anonymization, weighting and recoding etc.
  • Advisory service on data choice, data access and handling, research potential and scope and validity of the data.
  • Supply of a range of data tools such as standard measures and classifications in the fields of education, occupations, industries and regions (if appropriate also covering international classifications),test data for remote data access, or references to publications with the data.
  • Assistance and support for visiting researchers at BIBB-FDZ in Bonn/Germany.

English documented data

The vast majority of our data sets are documented and prepared for research in German language. However, Employment Surveys of BIBB (conducted in cooperation with other institutions) are frequently used by international researchers. The 2012-wave of the Employment Survey and an associated supplemental survey on tasks and occupational mobility has a full documentation in English language. Another summarizing document describes all earlier waves of the Employment Surveys (2006; 1998/99, 1991/92, 1985/86, 1979). For further information please select 'employment surveys' when following the data link.

The data button gives also some additional English language information of other data sets of BIBB FDZ. The data access button provides application forms for BIBB data and our user guidelines. If you are interested in analyzing BIBB data, please do not hesitate to send your questions/ requests to fdz@bibb.de.

We appreciate citing our data in all kind of publications. For further Information, please follow the citation of data sets button.

New articles

International research project on recruitment and induction (INDUCT II)

Friday, January 13, 2017

International research project on recruitment and induction (INDUCT II)

How are company recruitment and induction processes structured in the motor vehicle service, healthcare and nursing sectors in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and South Korea? The international comparative research project INDUCT II looks at these questions.

Supply, processing and use of data via the BIBB-FDZ

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Supply, processing and use of data via the BIBB-FDZ

In its capacity as a departmental research institution of the Federal Government, BIBB has comprehensive VET data records at its disposal. This data is made available outside BIBB via the Research Data Centre and in compliance with data protection regulations and academic research procedures.

Research data from the BIBB

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Research data from the BIBB

In addition to the role it plays in preparing both the Report on Vocational Education and Training and VET statistics, the BIBB makes a major contribution to VET research as a result of its varied research activities.