Topic clusters

Topic clusters are an instrument for the strategic planning of BIBB research from a medium-term perspective (2019 to 2025). Topic clusters combine research activities in a core thematic area (research projects, academic research services, academic research-oriented development projects etc.) and concentrate resources for respective analyses.

Topic clusters

Digital transformations – future of vocational education and training and work

Projects in this topic cluster investigate causes and effects of ongoing digitalisation for occupational qualification, the world of work and employment. On these grounds we seek to develop their sustainable shaping. 

Company decisions and actions – factors influencing company training and recruitment

This topic cluster focuses on investigating the factors influencing company decision-making processes and company actions in training and recruitment.

Vocational learning – conditions, diagnostics and support

The cluster aims at providing recommendations for the evidence-based implementation of competence-oriented vocational education and training.

Vocational orientation and transitions – integration into vocational education and work

This topic cluster investigates the interaction of institutional, social and individual factors at various stages along the route into working life.

Occupational segmentation in vocational education and training – characteristics and functional principles

The aim of the cluster is to develop theoretical approaches, which are able to explain the origin and functionality of segments of vocational education and training as well as segment-specific access and career opportunities.