Main thematic focuses of research and development work

BIBB’s research and development projects are aligned to five main topic areas. Programmes are also structured in accordance with these topic areas.

Main thematic focuses of research and development work

Training market and employment system

What are the correlations between the training market and the employment system? The training places market and the transition to training form the starting point for focusing on skills requirements and developments, company training and recruitment, the transition process and the usability of VET.

Modernisation and quality assurance of vocational education and training

Vocational education and training systems need to respond to societal and economic developments. Within the scope of the main thematic focus of modernisation and quality assurance of VET, BIBB addresses the question of how vocational training must be adapted to meet these developments.

Conditions and structures of lifelong learning

Vocational training does not end after completion of an apprenticeship or course of higher education study. The principle of lifelong learning calls for an educational system that is open to further learning, career switches and reorientations.

The diversity of vocational education and training

In order to secure the future supply of skilled workers, individual and structural requirements need to be accorded greater emphasis and be made the starting point for the structural planning and shaping of vocational and pre-vocational training.

Internationalisation of vocational education and training

In the light of the worldwide financial and labour market crisis and high levels of youth unemployment, the German system of dual vocational education and training is cited as a reference model in many states.