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Research projects, development projects, and academic research services

The Project Database (DaPro) contains information on ongoing and completed projects conducted by the Federal Institute. It provides details of project objectives and project status. Information regarding results is provided in the form of interim and final reports, links and references. Search functions are available that enable projects to be extracted by content and formal criteria.

  • Research projects are either self-financed or externally funded as commissioned and third party research.
  • Development projects aim to create a product (such as training regulations) or a service.
  • Academic research services support transfer and may be accessed by external users (e.g. data portals, publications).


BIBB Project Database

BIBB Project Database

The Project Database provides information on all current projects being conducted by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and training as well as covering projects completed in recent years. A distinction is drawn between research and development projects and academic research services.

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