Focuses of research until 2019: Training market and employment system

What are the correlations between the training market and the employment system? The training places market and the transition to training form the starting point for focusing on skills requirements and developments, company training and recruitment behaviour, the transition to employment and the usability of vocational training.

One of the core areas of the research undertaken by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) is the monitoring and analysis of the correlations between the training market and the employment system.

BIBB concentrates on aspects that are of significance to the further development and structuring of vocational training. This field of research involves work on fundamental developments in VET supply and demand, on companies’ willingness to provide training and on relevant developments within the employment system together with the effects of these on vocational education and training. BIBB also establishes a foundation for the further development of occupations by looking at transitional processes in training and employment, factors relating to company training behaviour and changes to skills requirements.

The description of these processes is based on official statistics and on the institute’s own primary surveys. Research makes use of this data and analyses processes relating to the training market and the employment system. Work results are made available to the research sector and to the the specialist academic research community.