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Data access

Researchers can access the data via Off-site Use as Scientific-Use-Files, Campus-Files, scientific use of sensitive variables under data protection law, Remote Data Access and On-site Use. Each type of data access corresponds with different levels of data confidentiality and requires formal application.

Standardised access to all data set is only available for the purposes of non-commercial empirical research.


Factually anonymous versions of the data sets are available for Off-site Use as Scientific-Use-Files (SUFs). For data access, we request that you follow our guidelines and send us the signed application form by mail or fax.

The BIBB-Transition Surveys 2006 and 2011; the BIBB School Graduate Surveys 2004-2012; the BIBB/BAuA-Employment Survey 2006 and 2012 as well as the BIBB/IAB Survey 1979-1999 are provided by the GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Data Archive for the Social Sciences department. Please note GESIS charges fees for the provision of data and documents. Depending on user status and the number of data sets, these fees vary between 15 and 50 Euros.

SUF application form
SUF guidelines


Campus-Files (CFs) are provided for university lectures for non-commercial courses and students who have no master degree yet. The CF is a more anonymized version of the Scientific-Use-File generating identical and comparable results respectively.

CF application form
CF guidelines

Scientific use of sensitive variables under data protection law

This kind a data access is intended for researchers who are already using a SUF and would like to use sensitive variables under data protection law (ZV) for their scientific research purposes. In many cases sensitive variables from individual data sets not included in SUFs/CFs could be accessed by an application for the scientific use of sensitive variables under data protection law. As with SUF applications, in the vast majority of cases this application will become a user agreement with the approval of the BIBB-FDZ. Only in the case of highly sensitive variables under data protection law does the BIBB-FDZ reserve the right, following the relevant check of this application, to stipulate a detailed and independent user agreement as an access requirement for guest researchers.
For data access to sensitive variables under data protection law we request that you send us the signed application form by mail or fax.

ZV application form

Deletion of SUF/CF when the research project has ended

In case your research project has ended (as specified in the contract of data use) please confirm the deletion of the SUF/ CF data by using the following form.

data deletion form


Remote Data Access and One-Site Use

Due to high risks of re-identification, especially firm-level data cannot be provided as an SUF or a CF for BIBB-external research. For this reason, firm-level data as well as sensitive individual information is only made available for research via Remote Data Access or within On-site Use at the Safe Centre of the BIBB-FDZ in Bonn/Germany.

Remote Data Access

More sensitive and less anonymous versions of individual-level as well as all kinds of firm-level data can be analyzed via Remote Data Access (DFV).
Remote Data Access requires researchers to use the test data available at our Metadatenportal (https://metadaten.bibb.de/; available in German language only) to develop executable syntax files (in Stata or SPSS) and send these to the BIBB-FDZ. We apply the programs to the original data, verify the analyses' compliance with data protection legislation, and send you back the results. All data sets are available via Remote Data Access.
For data access, we request that you follow our guidelines and send us the signed application form by mail or fax.

DFV application form
DFV guidelines

On-site Use at BIBB-FDZ in Bonn, Germany

For data access via On-site Use, BIBB-FDZ provides separate safe workplaces for guest researchers at BIBB in Bonn/Germany.

If you are interested in analysing our data via On-site Use here in Bonn please contact us directly.