Environmental Management in the BIBB

The Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training is committed to preserving natural resources and to protecting the environment. The environmental guidelines set out our environmental operational principles and goals and we are committed to their implementation and ongoing development.

The BIBB environmental guidelines state that we use natural resources efficiently and economically, that we reduce waste, act in an environmentally friendly manner, consider environmental protection in our decision-making and in the work we carry out, comply with statutory requirements and are committed to continually improving our environmental performance.

The BIBB uses the environmental management system “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme” (EMAS) as a tool and means by which to systematically and continually improve its environmental performance and to do so on a voluntary basis. The focus of this work has been extended since the Institute received EMAS certification in 2010. Since then, the products and services provided by the BIBB have been subject to close scrutiny and wherever possible we have taken into account aspects of sustainability and the issues of environmental protection. The area is fully integrated as part of day to day work, covering everything from research to the development of new training and continuing education regulations, and from administration through to education and training.

The Environmental Statement, which is issued annually by the BIBB, sets out the environmental objectives and associated measures and also records the level of implementation.