Cooperation with Dutch partner institution CINOP

The Center for Innovation in Education (CINOP) in the Netherlands and the BIBB have been working together on the basis of a co-operation agreement since February 2007. The co-operation activities focus on mutual support in the field of vocational education and training research.

The Center for Innovation in Education (CINOP) is an independent national and international research and consultancy firm. It specialises in the fields of lifelong learning, vocational education and training and adult education.

The CINOP and the BIBB signed a co-operation agreement in February 2007. It provides for close co-operation regarding research and development in the field of vocational education and training. The joint objective is to promote vocational education and training research by way of mutual support, co-operation projects and the exchange of information. Both partners have committed:

  • to maintain an exchange regarding their research programmes and research results;
  • to collaborate in research and development projects;
  • to make available relevant publications to the respective other party;
  • to aspire to an exchange of researchers between the two institutes.
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