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Apprenticeship Toolbox

Get insight into key aspects of the apprenticeship systems in five countries running dual VET systems: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland with their VET-ministeries standing behind this provision.

The „Dual System“ counts as successful and best form of Apprenticeship. The apprentices learn at two learning venues: within the workplace in an occupational practical environment at companies providing training (up to ¾ of time) and at part-time vocational schools (up to ¼ of time).

The Apprenticeship Toolbox is your resource base to support policy learning, policy experimentation and practice development in vocational education and training. Build on the knowledge national stakeholders use in developing, adapting, running and supporting a dynamic apprenticeship system.

Compare apprenticeship systems and country contexts. Access relevant resources and get recommendations for further reading on each apprenticeship system. Be aware that the toolbox is a website in itself, which is hosted within the BIBB-website.

Who is the Apprenticeship Toolbox for?

The Toolbox adresses the needs of VET stakeholders on local, municipal, national and European level. The detailed information on dual VET apprenticeship systems, which the toolbox provides is often of interest for countries thinking about reforming their VET systems towards more workbased learning. Lots of suggestions could be find in the toolbox key features and country context.

Alexander Hölbl, Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy, Austria

Head of Department Vocational Training, Skilled Employees

"One of the challenges at the moment is shortage of skilled workers and the demographic change. Therefore strengthening apprenticeship training could be one of the solutions. That´s why we want to further enhance the value of apprenticeships as an attractive form of training. The aim is to encourage more young people to start an apprenticeship. It is necessary to make apprenticeships even more attractive."

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Dr. Frédéric Berthoud, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), Switzerland

Deputy Head of Division Cooperation in Education, Head of Unit International Cooperation in Education and Professional Qualifications

"The public and private partners governing the Swiss vocational and professional education and training (VPET) system are currently working on the implementation of the strategic guidelines they initiated 2016 in view of the mega-trends digitalisation, increasing mobility and demographic change. Their mission in a nutshell: VPET 2030"

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Tom Muller, Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth Luxembourg

Director of the Vocational Education and Training Department

“Apprenticeship is a quality choice for learners. In an ever faster evolving skills environment, apprenticeship allows learners to keep pace with labour market skills requirements. On the other hand, it is a key factor for enterprises that allows to ensure the continuity of knowledge transfer in the light of demographic change. Apprenticeship is an important recruitment opportunity, as reflected in the share of retained talent: More than 80% of apprentices are employed immediately after their diploma in permanent work contracts.”

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Developing the Apprenticeship Toolbox

The Apprenticeship Toolbox is developed continuously by the national VET authorities from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The initiative supports the European Alliance of Apprenticeship. The Apprenticeship Toolbox started its activity as an ErasmusPlus funded project in 2014. It is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and now hosted by the Federal Institute of Vocational Education and Training in Germany.

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