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German Reference Point for Quality Assurance in VET

DEQA-VET provides information on quality assurance in vocational education and training. It supports and fosters cooperation between participating stakeholders.

DEQA-VET forms part of the European EQAVET Network – European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training. The network currently comprises 34 members states and advocates the application of joint principles of quality assurance in vocational education and training. EQAVET is a transparency instrument that came into being within the scope of the Copenhagen Process. It is embedded into the overarching objective of a European Education and Employment Area that aims to facilitate mobility for all citizens.

DEQA-VET works on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to achieve networking between stakeholders and institutions involved in vocational education and training in Germany. It acts as a contact point and service agency for topics related to quality assurance and development in vocational education and training by bundling information and expert surveys, instigating initiatives and projects and staging events. Its objective is to create a network of VET participants, including the social partners, companies, vocational schools, full-time vocational schools, providers and certifying bodies of advanced and continuing vocational education and training, VET research, policy making and federal state administrative bodies, and to take on an intermediary role between the national and European level. In its capacity as a National Reference Point, DEQA-VET forms part of the European EQAVET Network.

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