Information on recognition monitoring

BIBB has been conducting the Project "Monitoring of the implementation of the Federal Recognition Act" on behalf of the BMBF since the end of 2012. The aim is to achieve transparency with regard to the implementation of the law and its accompanying processes and to support quality assurance. For this reason, the project focuses on the processes that take place before and after the actual recognition procedure as well as on administrative execution. The former include information and guidance, updating training or the acceptance of recognition notices on the labour market. BIBB provides the BMBF with information on the results of the analyses via annual reporting. The BMBF publishes these results as Report on the Recognition Act. A project advisory board advises BIBB in the implementation process.

Recognition monitoring comprises two areas of responsibility:

  1. BIBB is supporting the establishment of federal statistics on recognition procedures. Responsibility for such statistics rests with the Federal Statistical Office and the statistical offices of the federal states. It will evaluate the available data, use this data to inform vocational education and training reporting and advise the BMBF on possible requirements to adapt statistics.
  2. BIBB is conducting field observations in areas relating to the Recognition Act. The objective here is to collect the various stakeholder perspectives regarding the recognition process and to collate these into an overall view. Consideration is being accorded to the following perspectives.
    • Those interested in seeking recognition for their qualifications
    • Competent bodies
    • Information and advisory bodies
    • Continuing training providers
    • Companies
    • The labour market