Work in Germany in the occupation in which you have been trained

The Recognition Act has been in force since 2012 and makes it easier for persons with foreign professional and vocational qualifications to obtain recognition for these qualifications in Germany. BIBB is contributing towards the successful implementation of the new law by providing evaluation research and via the “Recognition in Germany” service portal.

Monday, 6 May 2024

BWP 2/2024 – Migration and integration

This issue of BWP provides numerical data which forms the basis for an objective debate on what has been achieved thus far and on the remaining challenges in respect of sustainably promoting integration in and via vocational education and training.

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Doing a top job – including in Germany

The "Recognition in Germany" portal provides information on how foreign professional and vocational qualifications can be recognised in Germany. Those seeking advice are able to take advantage of a service which guides them to the authority or chamber responsible for the occupation in question.


Occupational recognition for those interested in moving to Germany

In order to work in Germany in the occupation in which they have trained, foreign skilled workers need to obtain recognition for their qualification. BIBB is acting on behalf of the Federal Government to inform migrants of the recognition procedure before they enter Germany.


Recognition monitoring

How many people seek advice on the recognition of foreign professional and vocational qualifications? Does receiving such guidance automatically lead to an application for recognition? Results of the empirical studies carried out are published in an annual report by the BMBF.

7.8.133 - Prototyping Transfer - Recognition of professional qualifications by way of qualification analysis

Time period I-15 to IV-17

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2.1.309 - Immigration to Germany - Operational decision-making factors for staff recruitment

Time period I-14 to IV-16

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1.3.301 - Models and procedures for the recognition of qualifications attained abroad in selected states – principles, construction, implementation (MoVA)

Time period I-13 to III-16

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7.8.096 - Specialist and reporting unit for the recognition of foreign professional and vocational qualifications (Recognition monitoring)

Time period IV-12 to IV-18

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7.9.009 - “Recognition in Germany” information portal

Time period IV-11 to IV-18

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