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Participation of companies in continuing vocational education and training

Companies have a key role to play in terms of participation in continuing vocational education and training because, as the end user, they are the main beneficiaries of the qualifications. A significant proportion of continuing vocational education and training is therefore financed by companies.

Nevertheless, it is by no means the case that all companies participate in continuing vocational education and training. Until recently, participation by companies stagnated which was very surprising given the problems predicted in meeting qualification requirements due to technological and demographic change.

Smaller companies in particular are involved less frequently in vocational education and training of their employees. Furthermore, there is selectivity in the choice of those individuals able to participate in company-based continuing education: people occupying higher positions and the better educated benefit more than average.

The European Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS) sets out companies' continuing education and training activities. While the basic evaluations and calculations of population parameters such as the average participation rate are undertaken by the Statistic Office for Business in Germany, the BIBB conducts separate evaluations and correlation analyses as well as international comparisons.

So far, four surveys have been conducted in the years 1993, 1999, 2005 and 2010. In each of the individual additional BIBB (CVTS-Z) surveys of those companies involved in continuing education and training and who participated in the main survey, additional aspects of continuing vocational education and training are addressed such as quality assurance in company-based continuing education and training or the use of different types of learning.

Participation in company-based continuing education and training is also examined in the BIBB business panel in terms of qualification and competence development. It is also one of several themes in the IAB business panel. The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) edits the relevant results for the BIBB data report on a regular basis.